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A structure of conductive or dielectric material boundaries used to guide high-frequency electromagnetic and acoustic waves.
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(Electronics) electronics a solid rod of dielectric or a hollow metal tube, usually of rectangular cross section, used as a path to guide microwaves
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a conduit, as a metal tube, coaxial cable, or strand of glass fibers, used as a conductor or directional transmitter for various kinds of electromagnetic waves.
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Noun1.waveguide - a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves; used in radar
conductor - a device designed to transmit electricity, heat, etc.
microwave radar, radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocation - measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects
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Pasternack's latest release of waveguide directional couplers consists of 74 models spanning a frequency range of 5.85 GHz to 33 GHz across eight popular frequency bands.
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'We are excited to partner with DigiLens as they continue to focus on enabling a number of high growth markets with their patented holographic waveguide displays,' said Steven V Abramson, President and CEO of Universal Display Corporation.
Waveguide displays function essentially by running a wave of light through a lens to create a display, rather than a traditional display, which is lit from the back of the viewing surface.
Input and output rectangular waveguides are also sketched for clearance, where the output waveguide is rotated an arbitrary angle [phi] with respect to the input waveguide.
DigiLens Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company involved in AR displays through innovative waveguide optics and proprietary materials, has launched its two-layer augmented reality waveguide display.
The size of FE models of three-dimensional (3D) waveguides can be simplified by taking just a small representative portion of the waveguide structure with the periodicity condition along the waveguide.
Besides, in waveguide configurations, light-graphene interactions are enhanced through evanescent field coupling, resulting in larger saturation energy and ultrafast optical pulses with higher energy [24, 25].
In this paper, the photonic crystal waveguide for the light delivery in HAMR is demonstrated.
Section 3 focuses on the design of ML-UR slab and Section 4 deals with the design of the slab waveguide. Detailed waveguide characterization is presented in Section 5, while Section 6 gives concluding remarks.
One other important issue to be noticed in the design to provide omnidirectional (or low gain variation) is that the slots should have not only physical circular symmetry on the circular waveguide but also the fields on the slots should have circular symmetry.