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Adj.1.wavelike - uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves
uneven - not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture; "an uneven color"; "uneven ground"; "uneven margins"; "wood with an uneven grain"
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Southward they were piled in great snowy masses, so that he was half disposed to think them mountains; northward and eastward they were in wavelike levels, and blindingly sunlit.
In this role, it's not her airy leaps that make you do a double take, but the wavelike rippling through her torso, the dynamic way she responds to the music and the sense of purpose she puts behind every step.
Published in the April Physical Review A, the experiment dissects a light pulse associated with a single photon to expose wavelike and particle-like components.
Being a particle (although with a wavelike nature), the electron cannot go through both slits at the same time.
Upon the observations, special attentions were paid to the wavelike shape (highly irregular or sometimes regular waviness) appearing at the How and the encapsulation that emerges with an appearance of a greater thickness at the edge of the bilayer films.
During last three days citizens were experiencing a heat wavelike condition as on Tuesday mercury crossed 33 degree celsius mark, highest temperature of current month in the city experiencing 12 degrees celsius rise in a fortnight.
Atoms are no longer thought of as "solid, massy, hard, impenetrable moveable particles," as Newton described them, but rather as potentialities, possibilities with a wavelike structure that can interfere like waves.
i] Once deployed, the anchor's wavelike design provides secure and strong fixation that does not rely on bone quality for security.
On an adjacent wall was an example of arterial spurt; that blood presented in a more spiked, wavelike appearance, which happens when a major artery is severed, he said.
In my Double Concerto, I had found an ending that involved an oscillating, wavelike fading in and out of different sonorities and characters, making polyrhythms out of whole systems of musical technique that I wanted to carry out in a full-length piece.
The rippling surface simulates the wavelike effect of breeze passing through a field of freshly planted paddy.
Certain strokes in Argue's repertoire have analogies in the seven canonic Chinese movements as catalogued in A Diagram of the Battle Formation of the Brush (Pi-chen t'u), a seventh-century manual, including "A rhinoceros digging its tusk into the ground" (a downward left thrust as in Argue's Backstory), or "shooting from a hundred pound crossbow" (the upturned hook in Argue's Melvillean Queequeg) and "a withered vine a thousand years old" (a wavelike ending flourish that is the central gesture in Hither and Thithering Waters of Night, with its elliptical red inscription).