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A colorless to greenish yellow or black mineral, Al3(PO4)2(OH)3·5H2O, having finely acicular, radiating crystals and sometimes mined for the extraction of phosphorous.

[After William Wavell (died 1829), British physician.]


(Minerals) a greyish-white, yellow, or brown mineral consisting of hydrated basic aluminium phosphate in radiating clusters of small orthorhombic crystals. Formula: Al3(PO4)2(OH)3.5H2O
[C19: named after William Wavell (died 1829), English physician]
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Minor minerals contained in the cement of the breccia body at Schneckenstein include tourmaline, fluorite, wolframite, molybdenite, ilmenorutile, apatite, chalcopyrite, malachite, azurite, and (rarely) cassiterite, turquoise, pyrite, wavellite and gold.
com) had some of the new botryoidal wavellite from Lime Ridge, Mt.
On some specimens, the blue vauxite forms casts after vanished spherical aggregates of wavellite to 8 mm diameter, and one specimen even shows metallic black microcrystals of franckeite.
Among his discoveries (5) were gadolinite and fergusonite from Barringer Hill, Llano County, Texas; quartz crystal groups, variscite, wavellite, perovskite and rutile from Arkansas; and sphalerite, galena, marcasite, dolomite and calcite crystals from Missouri.
The various phosphates much beloved by collectors, most abundantly wavellite, were formed in the final stages of hydrothermal deposition, and were derived mostly from decomposition of primary fluorapatite.
Small, white, spherical, radial masses of wavellite occurred at the Raven and Bertha B mines.
It is colloidal with a reniform to stalactitic habit and a pale apple-green colon In some cases it shows a radial structure with a silky luster on the fibers, which are said to resemble wavellite.
Of particular interest are assemblages such as rose-pink monazite-tourmaline-cassiterite-quartz; complexly twinned red greenockite with wavellite; childrenite with vauxite, paravauxite, and wavellite; wavellite with fluorapatite; and vauxite with metavauxite.
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Locally abundant specimens of large and well-crystallized wavellite, fluellite and minyulite are present in quartz crystal-lined vugs, along with other minerals including native selenium, and a suite of associated phosphates.
There were brilliant blue balls of carbonate apatite from Humboldt County, Nevada, gorgeous realgar clusters from the Getchell mine, wavellite from the Willard mine, ferrimolybdite from Idaho, erionite from Tunnel Beach, Oregon, and so on.