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One that polishes with or applies wax.


(ˈwæk sər)

a person or appliance that polishes with or applies wax.
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worker, wore, woke, wear, weak, waxer, ware, wake, rower, rework, rear, rawer, rare, rake, axer, awoke, WAXWORKER Wordsquare: M.
Esta circunstancia ha sido ya reconocida por varios investigadores que distinguen dos momentos en la recepcion y apropiacion de este genero musical, los cuales son importantes en este proceso de modernizacion y contramodernidad festiva (Rondon, 1980; Ulloa, 2009; Quintero, 1999; Escobar, 2000; Waxer, 2001, p.
La segunda, es el amoroso homenaje que Medardo le rinde en el capitulo final a su companera, la musicologa Lise Waxer, quien dedico su investigacion a la influencia de los ritmos antillanos y vivio un par de anos en Cali.
Nathan Waxer, DO, David Ninan, DO, Alfred Ma, MD, PhD, MBA, and Norma Dominguez, DO
Via a running realistic case example, Waxer presents eight lessons covering the core skills for working with Adobe Flash Professional including arranging the workspace, transforming objects, creating text and working with symbols for movies, understanding scripting language, and integrating Flash with other CS6 programs.
Dos importantes exponentes de esta tematica son facilmente identificables: Alejandro Ulloa y Lise Waxer.
Make sure your waxer never "double dips" (putting the stick back in the pot after using it on your skin).
I convinced her that I was the best waxer and I actually burned her which wasn't fun.
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She follows the experiences of a woman having her labia trimmed, as well as interviewing surgeons, women considering surgery on their labia, a bikini-line waxer, a gynaecologist, her own mother, husband and male friends, and some workmen decorating her house--all in all a broad variety of people with a range of views on female genitals and genital cosmetic surgery.
Even though many people have reservations about the potential savings from Six Sigma, a story by Charles Waxer ("Six Sigma Costs and Savings: The financial benefits of implementing Six Sigma at your company can be Significant," www.