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They came slowly lagging into camp, with weary looks, and horses jaded and wayworn. They had, in fact, been for several days incessantly on the move.
As he stood in the doorway, the poor old careworn wayworn woman burst into tears, and clasped her hands, as if in a very agony she prayed to him.
Suppose some of the boys had seen me coming through Canterbury, wayworn and ragged, and should find me out?
They are wayworn by the travel that goes by and over them, without traveling themselves.
"Wayworn Wooden Floors" is insightful and much recommended addition to many a modem poetry collection.
A VOLATILE day of trading left investors wayworn with the FTSE 100 closing down 109.5 points at 6250.6.
(2) Upon this night, a cold wind blowing, lonely and wayworn must my husband sleeping be (59).
Prayer is more directly represented when Lady Jane prays for "that poor wayworn sinner" (533), her brother-in-law Rawdon.
There is, however, this consolation to the most wayworn traveler,