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 (wä-zo͞o′) Vulgar Slang
The anus.
up the wazoo
In great abundance.

[Perhaps alteration of kazoo.]


n, pl -zoos
(Anatomy) offensive slang US a person's bottom or anus
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"I blame flat out the Wayne LaPierres of the world, the Dana Loesches, because they put the fear of God in some of these people who think they need to have guns up the wazoo," Orfanos said, referring to the executive vice president of the NRA and the group's prominent spokeswoman.
More surprisingly, they have high standard for a neat and clean area for performing 'wazoo', and there is a mosque at every station.
I got the biggest wazoo in Washington and the wife with the prettiest name.
The SSP has also arranged a place to offer Namaz, Wazoo Khana and clean wash room.
There is this pervasive belief that brands just ain't what they used to be and that today's consumer--yes those merry Millennials that everyone is licking their lips over--don't want tired old brands and instead are seeking only authentic names with genuine back stories and transparency up the wazoo.
Okay--fancy bilateral controls out the wazoo (that's a technical gunwriter term), improved proprietary trigger pack, unique bolt carrier covered with an uber-slick corrosion resistant wonder coating, even a thinking-outside-the-box extended buffer tube...and POF sticks a standard GI-style charging handle in the rifle.
He went so far as to carefully script the whole day, being sure to cover each element: all the approaches, a circle to land, misses out the wazoo, holds, procedure turns, partial panel work (in an airplane with two EFIS and all the backup you could want) and ending with a single-engine approach and landing.
It seems like the combined efforts of America's adults to scare the bejesus out of kids about the dangers of the horizontal mambo while subsidizing the wazoo out of birth control have, in fact, paid off in fewer teens knocking boots.
Everything there was Christmas-ed up the wazoo, in either red and green or the black and white of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.
To use the dictionary's words, I hope I am not biased up the wazoo ("het iber der mos," or "disproportionately").
Summing-up is the enemy of staggered discovery, and yet I feel nostalgia for thinkers, like Siegfried Kracauer, who confidently strike final poses: "Like emigrants gathering up their personal belongings, bourgeois literature gathers the effects of a household that will soon have to vacate its current site." Vacated up the wazoo, I seek new justifications for piecemeal introspection--methods for germinating a thought and then splitting the thought in half, as if the idea-morsel were to greet or devour itself.