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1. Contraction of we had.
2. Contraction of we would.
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(wiːd; unstressed wɪd)
contraction of
we had or we would
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v. wed•ded wed, wed•ding. v.t.
1. to marry (another person) in a formal ceremony; take as one's husband or wife.
2. to unite (a couple) in marriage or wedlock; marry.
3. to bind; attach firmly: to wed oneself to the cause of the poor.
4. to blend; unite.
5. to contract marriage; marry.
6. to become united or to blend.
[before 900; Middle English wedden, Old English weddian to pledge, c. Old Frisian weddia, Old High German wettōn, Old Norse vethja to pledge, Gothic gawadjōn to espouse]


contraction of we had, we should, or we would.


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Then, Tashtego, lad, I'd have ye hold a canakin to the jet, and we'd drink round it!
I pictured how happy we'd be together in our home all the long years to come."
"We'd begin, you see, to breed up new vegetables and fruits.
"We'd better come as--common children," Sylvie thoughtfully replied.
But that trick took 'em to the graveyard, and the gold done us a still bigger kindness; for if the excited fools hadn't let go all holts and made that rush to get a look we'd a slept in our cravats to-night -- cravats warranted to WEAR, too -- longer than WE'D need 'em."
Tom told about the adventures we'd had down there at his uncle Silas's last summer, and when he see that there warn't anything about his folks--or him either, for that matter--that we didn't know, he opened out and talked perfectly free and candid.
"Ah," said Seth, who could not repress a comment on this point, "and a sore pity it was o' Conference; and if Dinah had seen as I did, we'd ha' left the Wesleyans and joined a body that 'ud put no bonds on Christian liberty."
"We'd like to see a man of such extraordinary daring, face to face!"
"The bark I had wrote on to tell you we'd gone pirating.
We'd need save our money to keep the poor man with, instead o' spending it on furniture as he can neither eat nor drink.
"He heard we were coming here, figured out that we'd start ahead of him, and he wanted to side- track us.
"And--Oh, Godfrey--if we'd had her from the first, if you'd taken to her as you ought, she'd have loved me for her mother--and you'd have been happier with me: I could better have bore my little baby dying, and our life might have been more like what we used to think it 'ud be."

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