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Noun1.weak part - a place of especial vulnerability
weakness - the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain; "his weakness increased as he became older"; "the weakness of the span was overlooked until it collapsed"
Achilles' heel - a seemingly small but actual mortal weakness
jugular - a vital part that is vulnerable to attack; "he always goes for the jugular"
underbelly - the quality of being weak or unprotected; "the soft underbelly of the Axis"- Winston Churchill
good part - a place of especial strength
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Mingling in the crowd of carriages, horses, servants, chairmen, link-boys, porters, and idlers of all kinds, they lounged about; while Hugh's new friend pointed out to him significantly the weak parts of the building, how easy it was to get into the lobby, and so to the very door of the House of Commons; and how plainly, when they marched down there in grand array, their roars and shouts would be heard by the members inside; with a great deal more to the same purpose, all of which Hugh received with manifest delight.
The police report showed that a weak part of the roof in a building in Jacinto Street, Canumay West, Valenzuela gave way after Dellava, who was doing repairs, accidentally stepped on it.
Listen don't get me wrong I've had drugs in my life and drugs have always been a weak part of my life but it's always started with drink.
Finally, the PS core of the PS@PUB core-shell composite microspheres would break through the weak part of the PUB shell, forming a knob on the surface of PS@PUB.
Jeffreys said there could be alternatives, including splitting the alley into two courtyards.<br />"The alleyway is the only weak part of this design," Commissioner Don Vallaster said.
Usually, the museum has approached them and said, 'This is a weak part of our collection.'" Stephanie Ingrassia, a trustee of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which named a contemporary art gallery after her and her husband, Tim, made her first donation to the museum in 2007.
Mergea's serve is the weak part in his game and he stays at the back of the court.
It can always help to support the weak part of the body."
"That's why I raced in Manchester because that's the weak part in my event but a crucial part too."
According to the authors, business education is traditionally a weak part of pharmacy studies, yet it is increasing necessary for one's pharmacy to survive.
Transmitters of the weak part of the electroweak force, two W particles (one positively charged, one negative) and the neutral Z particle, felt the Higgs force dramatically.