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1. An instrument of attack or defense in combat, as a gun, missile, or sword.
2. Zoology A part or organ, such as a claw or stinger, used by an animal in attack or defense.
3. A means used to defend against or defeat another: Logic was her weapon.
tr.v. weap·oned, weap·on·ing, weap·ons
To supply with weapons or a weapon; arm.

[Middle English wepen, from Old English wǣpen.]
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Adj.1.weaponed - carrying weaponsweaponed - carrying weapons      
armed - (used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms; "armed robbery"
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Against Sir Sagramor, so weaponed and protected, a thousand knights could accomplish nothing; against him no known enchant- ments could prevail.
The fairy tales that people read to their children, the animated Saturday morning programming, songs, poems, even the nursery rhymes children memorize are inhabited by the most basic of weaponed heroes --and they are just the beginning.
Weaponed heroes can embody characteristics that most humans, regardless of cultural bias, would recognize as good qualities.