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Adj.1.weaponless - without a weapon
unarmed - (used of persons or the military) not having or using arms; "went alone and unarmed"; "unarmed peasants were shot down"; "unarmed vehicles"
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Weaponless, desperate, stinging and aching from his superficial wounds and bruises, he had circled the forest slopes along deer-paths, crossed two canyons, and begun to descend the horse-trail he found in the third canyon.
To his utter disgust, the man, pursued by an armed countryside, found Harley Kennan, his latest victim, like the reporter, to be weaponless. Dismounted, he snarled in his rage and disappointment and deliberately kicked the helpless man in the side.
The dust hid him; only I was now weaponless, for the haft of my spear--it was but a light throwing assegai--broke in two, leaving nothing but a little bit of stick in my hand.
It is in vain it is in vain I am alike nerveless and weaponless!''
The boy frequently boiled with rage, but he was so weaponless, so completely in his father's power--there was no escape from this tyranny.
Summerlee was weaponless, but I was emptying my magazine as quick as I could fire, and on the further flank we heard the continuous cracking of our companion's rifles.
One of the return boys, in the bow of the whaleboat, made the peace sign with his palm extended outward and weaponless, and began to chirp in the unknown Su'u dialect.
All our host is in decline; Weaponless my spirit lies.
'Very little - as I know; but if evil men were not now and then slain it would not be a good world for weaponless dreamers.
Such curricula include extensive hours of firearms and chemical agents training, arrest and control tactics, weaponless defense strategies, and less lethal weapons training (Reaves 2016).
It is in the nature of the Indians to conduct such barbaric attacks otherwise who would be willing to kill innocent and weaponless people who are of no harm to the fully armed troops.
With a highway patrol-like helmet perched atop its "head," the weaponless robot includes two video cameras, a microphone and a speaker that allow the motorist and the officer to speak while looking at one another on a screen.