weapons system

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weap·ons system

Weapons together with the materiel necessary for their use against an enemy.
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Noun1.weapons system - weapons considered collectivelyweapons system - weapons considered collectively  
ammo, ammunition - projectiles to be fired from a gun
armament - weaponry used by military or naval force
bomb - an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions
defence system, defense system - the weaponry available for the defense of a region
gunnery - guns collectively
hardware - major items of military weaponry (as tanks or missile)
instrumentation, instrumentality - an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end
naval weaponry - weaponry for warships
weapon, weapon system, arm - any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon"
système d'armes
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Though security analysts rightly caution against adopting an uncritical assumption that new developments in military technology augur the coming of a 'Robopocalypse', the high stakes at play in debates over lethal autonomous weapons system suggest the need for international regulation.
These innovative changes within APATS have kept pace with the Army's emerging requirements and have supported weapons system readiness.
"The policy of government of Israel is (very clear) and we are tremendously strict about it that we do not export weapons system to Pakistan," he said.
9 ( ANI ): A laser weapons system that can shoot down two drones at a distance of over a mile has been demonstrated by Rheinmetall Defence, a German defence company.
This time it was in a maritime environment with the lasers' electronics integrated with the MK 15 Phalanx close-in weapons system, a 20mm rapid-fire gun found aboard most Navy ships.
Abu Dhabi: Turkey's Roketsan said on Monday that along with its Abu Dhabi-based partner Al Jaber Company, it had reached an agreement for a contract worth about $90 million (Dh330.3 million) to develop a weapons system for an undisclosed country in the Middle East.
For each weapons system it studied, the GAO inserted a bar graph showing what it considered to be the optimal level of knowledge at the three critical junctures--at the start of development, at DoD's design review, and at the time of the production decision.
The SFL concept solves many coordination and optimization problems that have resulted from the separation between the weapons system acquisition and sustainment communities.
Since WWII, a set of diverse organizations in each service evolved from their various histories to manage weapons system procurement.
The F-16 uses special external sensors to gather data about aircraft systems, including engine performance and weapons system functionality.
In the early 1960s, there was a stated relationship between logistics and the weapons systems: military logistics "support"' the weapons system.

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