wear the trousers

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Verb1.wear the trousers - exercise authority or be in charge; "Who is calling the shots in this house?"
control, command - exercise authoritative control or power over; "control the budget"; "Command the military forces"
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Meanwhile the coat becomes older and older, and he hardly dares to wear the trousers. Can't you imagine the wretched man, after some splendid evening of debauchery, contemplating these garments--hanging them over the end of the bed, arranging them now in full light, now in shade, and wondering whether they will survive him, or he will survive them?
Try these for the perfect pop of colour to your wardrobe 1 go dotty Blouse PS18, and trousers PS20, Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's 2 earn your stripes Jumper PS10, Studio.co.uk 3 wear the trousers Trousers PS18, SimplyBe.co.uk 4 bolt from the blue Jumper PS6, Pep & Co at Poundland 5 low rider Shoes PS19.50, Marks & Spencer 6 bag it up Bag PS19.99, Zara 7 jean genie Jeans PS20, Bonmarche.co.uk 8 the gloves are on Gloves PS14, Accessorize 9 keep your hat on Hat PS10, Next 10 a dash of lime Jacket PS20, Matalan
He added: "You know when I go home, let's be honest, I don't wear the trousers, there isn't a man in the United Kingdom who's married who's telling the truth who says that his wife isn't in charge.