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The ability of a garment to withstand prolonged wear.
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The heel pull tab provides wearability that's quick and no-nonsense, while the flexible knit makes it light and featherweight.
"Emma Bridgewater is an intrinsic component in British home life and our customers build up their collections over decades: just like Barbour which has timeless style and admirable practical wearability.
Designers have gone a step ahead in increasing the wearability of these headbands by giving them a fashionable facelift, like Victoria Percival's pearl-studded headband which was worn by Hanne.
Entries to Ternocon 2020 will be judged based on the designer's adherence to the competition guidelines, craftsmanship and execution of design, fabrication, creativity, and wearability and functionality.
But apart from the aesthetic aspect, durability and wearability also top their priority list.
The brand likens themselves to a lifestyle brand, fusing wearability off the beach with function and fit, the brand is quickly carving out a niche for themselves within a booming category of women's fashion clothing.
Wearability also depends on the reliability and support of the prosthetic limb in different activities.
The collections enthralled with their innovation and aesthetics as this year the designers have focused more on wearability with new concepts, fresh cuts and different inspirations.
'It was less of a fashion statement than a wearability thing - taking pieces from the runway and mixing it with things from their favorite vintage shops.
She feel everyone"should think about the wearability of clothes after a couple of years too, not just when they are in trend".
Saira Shakira's bling-infested 'Winds of Summer' festive wear in pastels with panelled embroideries were run-of-the-mill and only stood out in terms of sheer wearability. The styling was sadly missing which could have elevated it a notch further.