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adj. wea·ri·er, wea·ri·est
1. Physically or mentally tired.
2. Expressive of or prompted by tiredness: a weary smile.
3. Having one's interest, forbearance, or indulgence worn out: weary of delays.
4. Causing fatigue; tiresome: a weary wait.
tr. & intr.v. wea·ried, wea·ry·ing, wea·ries
To make or become weary. See Synonyms at tire1.

[Middle English weri, from Old English wērig.]

wea′ri·ly adv.
wea′ri·ness n.


literary tired
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Adj.1.wearied - exhausted; "my father's words had left me jaded and depressed"- William Styron
tired - depleted of strength or energy; "tired mothers with crying babies"; "too tired to eat"


Extremely tired:
Informal: beat, bushed, tuckered (out).
Slang: done in, fagged (out), pooped (out).
Idioms: all in, ready to drop.
References in classic literature ?
For I trust my honest wife, Most honest if uncomely to the eye, Hath not with foolish chatterings wearied you, As is the wont of women.
"The ship, or barque, or brig So-and-so, bound from such a port, with such and such cargo, for such another port, having left at such and such a date, last spoken at sea on such a day, and never having been heard of since, was posted to-day as missing." Such in its strictly official eloquence is the form of funeral orations on ships that, perhaps wearied with a long struggle, or in some unguarded moment that may come to the readiest of us, had let themselves be overwhelmed by a sudden blow from the enemy.
Did she go quickly from under the men's feet, or did she resist to the end, letting the sea batter her to pieces, start her butts, wrench her frame, load her with an increasing weight of salt water, and, dismasted, unmanageable, rolling heavily, her boats gone, her decks swept, had she wearied her men half to death with the unceasing labour at the pumps before she sank with them like a stone?