weasel out

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1. Any of various carnivorous mammals of the genus Mustela, having a long slender body, a long tail, short legs, and brownish fur that in many species turns white in winter.
2. A person regarded as sneaky or treacherous.
intr.v. wea·seled, wea·sel·ing, wea·sels also wea·selled or wea·sel·ling
To be evasive; equivocate.
Phrasal Verb:
weasel out Informal
To back out of a situation or commitment in a sneaky or cowardly manner.

[Middle English wesele, from Old English wesle.]

weasel out

vb (intr, adverb) , -sels, -selling or -selled, -seling or -seled
1. to go back on a commitment
2. to evade a responsibility, esp in a despicable manner

w>weasel out

vi (= wriggle out)sich rauslavieren (inf)(of aus)
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Cllr Storey said: ``The more exceptions the government makes - and the more it tries to weasel out of what it said it would do - the more problems it creates.'' A Department of Health spokesman said he was mystified by Mr Hain's comments, insisting health secretary John Reid was not backing down on his plans
Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against them, but the companies weasel out of settlements by declaring bankruptcy on the grounds that they have insufficient cash to handle the claims.