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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: satellite - a satellite that transmits frequent picture of the earth belowweather satellite - a satellite that transmits frequent picture of the earth below
artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite - man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon
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The weather satellite Formosat-7 in contrast was the result of close cooperation between Taiwan and the United States, but in the third phase, the country's aerospace sector would continue to move toward internationalization by manufacturing satellites of a higher quality, the China Times reported.
Photo: Oman Meteorology/Twitter The authority said: "The latest weather satellite imageries of the National Multi Hazard and Early Warning Centre show the centre of the cyclone passing by coastal area of Dhofar in the area between Raysut and Raykhut." The forecast also predicted more rainfall over Dhofar for the next 48 hours.
One of the most integral instruments of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) latest weather satellite, GOES-17, has suffered a critical malfunction, which could potentially affect most of its forecast in the near future.
Luckily, scientists were able to use information from a weather satellite called GOES-16, short for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-16.
The world's most sophisticated weather satellite is due to launch in just a few hours aboard a rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida.
1959 - Vanguard 2, the first weather satellite, is launched to measure cloud-cover distribution.
The Meteor M2-1 weather satellite had earlier failed to detach from the rocket this morning.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-November 15, 2016-Harris' weather instrument and ground system key component in US government's next-generation weather satellite
NEW DELHI Sept 8 (KUNA) -- The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched the weather satellite INSAT-3DR on Thursday from the Second Launch Pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.
National Weather Service (also known as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the infrared, water vapor, and visible satellite imagery was taken by Himawari-8, a Japanese weather satellite operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
military weather satellite apparently exploded while in orbit last month after a sudden temperature spike in its power system, the U.S.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Say you need a new weather satellite. Is it as simple as selecting options and clicking to order?

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