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tr.v. weath·er-stripped, weath·er-strip·ping, weath·er-strips
To fit or equip with weather stripping.
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The Automobile Weather-strip market on the source of Type of Product shows the Manufacture, Profits, Price, Market stake and Development percentage of respective category.
The extra fast cure (XFC) grades of Nordel EPDM are said to allow OEMs to create high quality dynamic and static automotive weather-strip products more efficiently so brand owners can meet increasing consumer and regulatory demands for lightweight, fuel-efficient cars with dampened vibrations, isolated road noise and appealing aesthetics, according to the company.
A weather-strip is typically an extruded elastomers bulb with complex geometry and curved shape.
V-Seal can also be used to weather-strip loose windows, and is especially useful for double-hung windows that have small gaps at the bottom and top when closed.
Weather-strip, seal and caulk leaky doors and windows and install foam gaskets behind outlet covers.
Products include weather-strip seals, glass encapsulation, modular sealing systems and anti-vibration components.
Packmate also has a hook-n-look tab to keep the zipper in place and a weather-strip to keep air drafts out.
Noise can't travel from one room to another if you weather-strip the door just as you would do for an exterior door.
When the cold snap ends, owners can weather-strip properly, carefully pulling off the tape, which won't leave a residue.
Buy a tube of weather-strip adhesive, a can of nonflammable spray brake cleaner and a can of spray silicone (all are available at any auto parts store).
Also try installing Iow-flow shower heads for only about $20 a piece, Each one saves $40 ayear ir you have a gas water heater and $80 ir you have ah electric, Finally, caulk and weather-strip your windows and doors for only about $10 En material.