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tr.v. weath·er-stripped, weath·er-strip·ping, weath·er-strips
To fit or equip with weather stripping.
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Dennis have been serving customers since 1900, producing and distributing weather-stripping, insulation components, screening, snow brushes, squeegees and other hardware and seasonal products.
Tenders are invited for contract will consist of performing energy -efficiency measures for approximately 11 homes, to include but not limited to: eliminating air infiltration through sealing; insulating attics, walls, floors, water heaters, and exposed pipes; installing ventilation fans; weather-stripping doors and repairing or replacing windows; and addressing health and safety concerns.
The no-cost energy efficiency upgrades cover door weather-stripping and caulking, attic insulation, low-flow showerheads, and assessments for leaking water heaters.
You can stop that by improving the weather-stripping of the primary windows.
CORE offers UO students a free one-hour home audit, in which student auditors assess homes and find ways to help their fellow students save money on utility bills - through both behavioral changes and energy-efficient products such as CFL light bulbs, weather-stripping and pipe insulation.
Several types of weather-stripping are available for doors, some easy to install.
Closing those gaps with weather-stripping could save up to 15 per cent of the cooling costs, say some industry experts.
Door hinges should be lubricated with a silicone spray and spray locks and weather-stripping to prevent doors freezing shut.
Unlike glossy products that tend to block or stick to each other, low-gloss Flexalloy compounds exhibit antiblocking properties that ease handling of films such as bin liners, flexible "accordion" hoses on vacuum cleaners, and mating parts such as weather-stripping.
Window units, if left in place during the winter, should be wrapped on the inside, and weather-stripping should be used to block air infiltration around the unit (this applies to winter and summer).
Remedy: vinyl replacement windows will never need painting, and if they have "low e" glass and good weather-stripping, you save energy.