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A person who forecasts and reports the weather.


n, pl -men
(Physical Geography) a person who forecasts the weather, esp one who works in a meteorological office


n, pl -men
(Historical Terms) US a member of a militant revolutionary group active in the US during the 1970s
[C20: name adopted from a line in Bob Dylan's song "Subterranean Homesick Blues": "You don't need a weatherman To know which way the wind blows."]


(ˈwɛð ərˌmæn)

n., pl. -men.
a meteorologist or weathercaster.
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.weatherman - predicts the weatherweatherman - predicts the weather      
meteorologist - a specialist who studies processes in the earth's atmosphere that cause weather conditions
meteorolognapovedovalec vremena


[ˈweðəmæn] N (weathermen (pl)) → hombre m del tiempo


[ˈwɛðərmæn] nprésentateur m météo inv


[ˈwɛðəˌmæn] n (-men (pl)) → meteorologo
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TV weatherman Derek Brockway spent his Saturday morning reading stories to children, answering questions about the weather - and learning to rap.
TV weatherman John Kettley dropped into Huddersfield for a book-signing - and scotched any hopes of a White Christmas.
"The visibility problem will persist on Monday [today] in the open areas and the highways," said the weatherman, advising motorists to be extremely careful behind the wheel.
Newsreader Huw Edwards and weatherman Derek Brockway will be offering careers advice to students who want a job on television.
Bet BBC weatherman Michael Fish - who famously 'missed' the 1987 hurricane - won't be volunteering for a job-share in Moscow or Bucharest
With temperatures plummeting throughout Scotland, former TV weatherman Peter Sloss has been drafted in by jittery council bosses.
Tv weatherman Bob Johnson is hoping to get more youngsters reading during the school holidays.
Both the Weatherman and Nicholls families worked lucratively in the DJ scene servicing private functions, discos and clubs, but bitterness developed, Mr Aftab Jafferjee, prosecuting, told the court.
MADCAP weatherman Iain McCaskill is retiring in July - to make way for younger, trendier broadcasters.
30 why is "The Singing Weatherman" such a disappointment?
Telly weatherman Michael Fish was caught in a storm last night - over an alleged affair with a sultry redhead.
The weatherman says rainfall of more than 30mm is expected from Wednesday in Wajir, Garissa, Mandera and Isiolo.