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(Broadcasting) a forecaster of the weather
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(ˈwɛð ərˌpɜr sən)

a meteorologist or weathercaster.
usage: See -person.
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مُتَنَبِّئ بِحالَة الطَّقْس
hava raporu spikeri


(ˈweθə) noun
conditions in the atmosphere, especially as regards heat or cold, wind, rain, snow etc. The weather is too hot for me; stormy weather; (also adjective) a weather chart/report, the weather forecast.
1. to affect or be affected by exposure to the air, resulting in drying, change of colour, shape etc. The wind and sea have weathered the rocks quite smooth.
2. to survive safely. The ship weathered the storm although she was badly damaged.
ˈweatherbeaten adjective
showing effects of exposure to the weather. a weatherbeaten face.
ˈweathercock, ˈweathervane nouns
a piece of metal (often in the form of a farmyard cock), placed on top of a building, which turns to show the direction of the wind.
weatherperson noun
(also weather forecaster; ~weatherman; ~weathergirl) a person who gives weather forecast on television or radio.
make heavy weather of
to find it very (often unnecessarily) difficult to do (something). She's making heavy weather of typing that letter.
under the weather
in poor health. I'm feeling under the weather this week.

weather refers to climate: fine weather .
whether is a conjunction: Do you know whether he is coming?
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James Spann has been named the 2019 National Weatherperson of the Year by The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) for protecting families and homes from severe weather.
Blaming the weatherperson for a botched forecast is like blaming an odds maker when your team loses.
On National Weatherperson Day, they posed with science teacher Joe Schoen and a photograph of GHS alum John Trierweiler, who covered Hurricane Irma for an ABC station in Fort Meyers, Florida, and now works for a TV station in Phoenix.
You've never seen a weatherperson lose their mind with joy until you've seen an American one reporting a storm or a twister.
For example, a local news weatherperson is often liked or disliked based on the forecast for the day.
I think the time is right for a grumpy, sarcastic, doomladen weatherperson who deadpans whatever nasty stuff is coming.
While Johansson may not have been the best weatherperson of all time, she was enthusiastic about the role.
The weatherperson just goes home, knowing he or she can guess again tomorrow.