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A device that pivots on a vertical spindle to indicate wind direction.
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Noun1.weathervane - mechanical device attached to an elevated structureweathervane - mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
weathercock - weathervane with a vane in the form of a rooster
wind tee - weather vane shaped like a T and located at an airfield
دَوّارَة الرّيح على شَكْل ديك


(ˈweθə) noun
conditions in the atmosphere, especially as regards heat or cold, wind, rain, snow etc. The weather is too hot for me; stormy weather; (also adjective) a weather chart/report, the weather forecast.
1. to affect or be affected by exposure to the air, resulting in drying, change of colour, shape etc. The wind and sea have weathered the rocks quite smooth.
2. to survive safely. The ship weathered the storm although she was badly damaged.
ˈweatherbeaten adjective
showing effects of exposure to the weather. a weatherbeaten face.
ˈweathercock, ˈweathervane nouns
a piece of metal (often in the form of a farmyard cock), placed on top of a building, which turns to show the direction of the wind.
weatherperson noun
(also weather forecaster; ~weatherman; ~weathergirl) a person who gives weather forecast on television or radio.
make heavy weather of
to find it very (often unnecessarily) difficult to do (something). She's making heavy weather of typing that letter.
under the weather
in poor health. I'm feeling under the weather this week.

weather refers to climate: fine weather .
whether is a conjunction: Do you know whether he is coming?
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The system will allow the vessel to passively weathervane around the anchor legs while simultaneously transferring fluids, power, and communications signals between the vessel and subsea equipment.
The system will enable the vessel to passively weathervane around the anchor legs while transferring fluids, power, and communications signals between the vessel and subsea equipment at the same time.
Drydocks World will also carry out the fabrication of an over 1,000T Turret Buoy for Aoka Mizu, to help the vessel to moor and weathervane at the field site.
The different images used by the poet Wilhelm Muller fired the imagination of Schubert: 'Frozen Tears,' 'Wind Playing with the Weathervane,' 'Linden Tree,' 'Crow,' and 'The Hurdy Gurdy Man.
Items range from 4-inch paper figurines depicting horses and soldiers in the post-Revolutionary War era to an 8-foot hollow copper weathervane featuring a Delaware Indian leader named Tammany.
By 1954, the Weathervane Inn was open for business.
Last January, an Angel Gabriel weathervane sold for $1.
Rock That Quilt Block: Weathervane comes from an author with an interest in taking traditional patterns a step beyond the norm, and teaches quilters how to create new designs from standard ones.
When I was about 10 years old, my grandfather bought me a weathervane from the factory (even then I was a collector).
In this amazing, kaleidoscopic mini epic, Musky, a wizard wood rat with wings, is assisted by a talking weathervane pony and a human observer to begin a planning conference inviting all seven groups to think of ways to share performance space in the hepbarn.
What does the weathervane in the cartoon represent?
The Welsh slate roof has terracotta ridge tiles and a large lead cupola or dome with a weathervane.