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Having feet with webbed toes.




(Zoology) (of certain animals) having webbed feet that facilitate swimming
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Adj.1.web-footed - having feet with webbed toesweb-footed - having feet with webbed toes  
footed - having feet; "footed creatures"; "a footed sofa"


[ˌwebˈfʊtɪd] ADJpalmípedo


[ˌwɛbˈfʊtɪd] adjpalmipede, dai piedi palmati


(web) noun
1. a type of trap for flies etc made of fine silk threads, spun by a spider etc. a spider's web.
2. the skin between the toes of a waterfowl.
webbed adjective
(of ducks' etc feet) joined between the toes by a web.
ˈwebbing noun
a tough woven fabric used in making belts, straps, upholstery etc.
ˈweb-ˈfooted, ˌweb-ˈtoed adjective
having webbed feet.
Web site noun
see site.
World Wide Web noun
see WWW.
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killing poultry operations through the use of gassing chambers in Co2 and other processes for fatty web-footed (electrocution)
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One example: the pedestrian crossing by the library at Weoley Castle could trap the unwary, especially a non-swimmer, because the first couple of feet is designed for our web-footed friends.
Those of us who have had the opportunity to chase web-footed fowl with a four-legged companion know a dog is an extremely valuable tool.
When this web-footed gecko wants a drink it licks its eyeballs.
The web-footed hound can now take life rings out to drowning people, pull boats in to shore and drag a boat full of up to seven people.