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Having feet with webbed toes.




(Zoology) (of certain animals) having webbed feet that facilitate swimming
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Adj.1.web-footed - having feet with webbed toesweb-footed - having feet with webbed toes  
footed - having feet; "footed creatures"; "a footed sofa"


[ˌwebˈfʊtɪd] ADJpalmípedo


[ˌwɛbˈfʊtɪd] adjpalmipede, dai piedi palmati


(web) noun
1. a type of trap for flies etc made of fine silk threads, spun by a spider etc. a spider's web.
2. the skin between the toes of a waterfowl.
webbed adjective
(of ducks' etc feet) joined between the toes by a web.
ˈwebbing noun
a tough woven fabric used in making belts, straps, upholstery etc.
ˈweb-ˈfooted, ˌweb-ˈtoed adjective
having webbed feet.
Web site noun
see site.
World Wide Web noun
see WWW.
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The web-footed canines will be put through their paces as part of the third annual festival that is set to attract thousands of visitors to the town on July 13 and 14.
Elisa hatches a hare-brained plan to liberate her web-footed paramour.
Also recommended are the following titles from the Comparing Animal Traits series: "Humpback Whales: Musical Migrating Mammals" (9781467755795, $26.65), "Platypuses: Web-Footed Billed Mammals" (9781467755818, $26.65), and "Vampire Bats: Nighttime Flying Mammals" (9781467758796, $26.65), all also by Rebecca E.
One example: the pedestrian crossing by the library at Weoley Castle could trap the unwary, especially a non-swimmer, because the first couple of feet is designed for our web-footed friends.
HEARING about the Toon's away kit release, this web-footed fan waddled her Tyne army straight to the checkout.
Those of us who have had the opportunity to chase web-footed fowl with a four-legged companion know a dog is an extremely valuable tool.