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A woman whose occupation is designing, developing, marketing, or maintaining websites. See Usage Note at -ess.
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Sandy Hershelman is our long-time webmaster, or, as she prefers, webmistress. Archives of past issues and contents of our current issues are always available at the website.
From taking out the recycling and garbage, to babysitting cranky toddlers, to providing online webmistress assistance, the Weber Street Wonder Work Crew adds a lot of quality to the lives of neighbors on the block.
In her vivid and insightful book, Anelli - webmistress of the Leaky Cauldron website, one of the most popular Harry Potter sites - unravels what lies beneath the Harry Potter phenomenon and how it feels to be so wrapped up in the mystical world.
When all conversation was done, the high school class retreated within their groups to provide Christy, who functioned as webmistress, with images and text for the "Tempest Book." (7) They also wrote for their own teacher formal essays on the question, central to the Graff and Phelan anthology, of whether or not Prospero is a colonialist.