wedding gift

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: gift - a present given to someone getting marriedwedding gift - a present given to someone getting married
present - something presented as a gift; "his tie was a present from his wife"
bride-gift - a wedding present to the bride
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He had come to purchase a wedding gift for his daughter, Janet, and an outfit for himself in which he might make a creditable appearance at her marriage.
And that reminds me--we've brought you a wedding gift from them, Anne.
Cavalcanti, as the count's father, who highly approved of the union, regretted his inability to leave Parma at that time, and promised a wedding gift of a hundred and fifty thousand livres.
The pearl necklace and bracelets which I inherited from mama, have been disposed of for less than half their value; and the set of coral, which was the wedding gift of my papa, has been actually thrown away for nothing.
If you are a goddess and dwell in heaven, I can only conjecture that you are Jove's daughter Diana, for your face and figure resemble none but hers; if on the other hand you are a mortal and live on earth, thrice happy are your father and mother--thrice happy, too, are your brothers and sisters; how proud and delighted they must feel when they see so fair a scion as yourself going out to a dance; most happy, however, of all will he be whose wedding gifts have been the richest, and who takes you to his own home.
While Princess Alice's marriage didn't last long as Philip's father left them for a mistress, she did receive a tiara as a wedding gift from her Russian royal relatives.
Toasters and household appliances were the second-least popular wedding gift - second only to charity donations - with most couples preferring cash or money towards their honeymoon, according to a survey of people married for at least five years.
And since Falcis said he was not invited anymore, he said that his post was his wedding gift to her, which had the words: 'I forgive you.'
Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, mentioned in the documentary that she thought that moment "was very touching" and "a lovely gesture." Prince Charles also gave Meghan a diamond tennis bracelet as a wedding gift.
'Touching moment': Iza Calzado tears up after surprise wedding gift from late mom !-- -- ( - December 22, 2018 - 3:32pm MANILA, Philippines Iza Calzado teared up after a surprise diamond bracelet gift from her late mother.
Texts and emails are deemed insufficient when showing gratitude for a wedding gift.
A survey for wedding website earlier this year revealed that the majority of us, a whopping 96.5% believe a handwritten note is the best way of thanking someone for a wedding gift, with 93% saying that written thank you notes were necessary.