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Noun1.weed-whacker - a hand tool for removing weedsweed-whacker - a hand tool for removing weeds  
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands
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These pinch-roll pullers are suited to manufacturing weed-whacker lines and 3D-printer filaments; moving and punching rigid profiles; and capturing materials trimmed from the edges of various profile and film extrusions.
Even once manufacturers redesign their weed-whacker and chainsaw engines to become compatible with higher ethanol blends, consumers who own older equipment would remain at risk of having them break down due to changes in fuel composition if E15 becomes the norm at filling stations.
Where's a weed-whacker when you need them the most?
It looks like a little, forgotten place that could, frankly, use a weed-whacker.
When your tiller is as maneuverable as a weed-whacker, not only can you renovate a vegetable bed in no time, but you won't feel like you've been run over by a truck when you're done.
Two friends used their Super Cub to fly in a brand-new lawn mower and I brought a weed-whacker. I parked my 172 at the end of the strip, in front of the Super Cub.
madagaskarensis was an efficient herbivore-"a veritable four-legged weed-whacker," according to Flynn-with teeth modified for slicing vegetation covering not only its jaws, but also the roof of its mouth.
Some unusual methods for increasing shaft weight include inserting weed-whacker line, rope, salt, sugar, wood shafts, and even bullets of the correct diameter.
The garden, started with such high hopes, looked as though someone had taken a weed-whacker to it.
Don't imagine any wimpy Weed-Whacker. This thing is serious.
An occasional trip with a weed-whacker or Gravely mower sufficed to keep my weeds under control.
I use a brush cutting attachment on a weed-whacker to trim out the trail every year.