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The last part of the week, typically from Friday evening through Sunday evening, but sometimes including other adjacent days, especially when seen as a time of leisure or recreation: spent the long weekend fishing.
intr.v. week·end·ed, week·end·ing, week·ends
To spend weekends or a weekend.

week′ends′ adv.


a. the end of the week, esp the period from Friday night until the end of Sunday
b. (as modifier): a weekend party.
(intr) informal to spend or pass a weekend


(ˈwikˌɛnd, -ˈɛnd)

1. the end of a week, esp. the period of time between Friday evening and Monday morning.
2. this period as extended by one or more days immediately before or after: a three-day holiday weekend.
3. any two-day period taken or given regularly as a weekly rest period from one's work.
4. of, for, or on a weekend.
5. to pass the weekend.


1. 'weekend'

A weekend consists of a Saturday and the Sunday that comes after it. Sometimes Friday evening is also considered to be part of the weekend. The weekend is the time when most people in Europe, North America, and Australia do not go to work or school.

I spent the weekend at home.
Did you have a good weekend?
2. regular events

British English speakers say that something takes place at weekends.

The beach gets very crowded at weekends.

American speakers usually say that something takes place weekends or on weekends.

He often studies evenings and weekends.
On weekends I usually sleep late.
3. single events

You can say that an event takes place during a particular weekend.

Will you be visiting relatives during the holiday weekend?

On a weekday, the weekend or this weekend can refer either to the previous weekend or the following weekend. You can use at, during, or over in front of the weekend. Don't use any preposition in front of this weekend.

Her new film came out at the weekend.
I'll call you over the weekend.
My birthday was this weekend.
We might be able to go skiing this weekend.


Past participle: weekended
Gerund: weekending

I weekend
you weekend
he/she/it weekends
we weekend
you weekend
they weekend
I weekended
you weekended
he/she/it weekended
we weekended
you weekended
they weekended
Present Continuous
I am weekending
you are weekending
he/she/it is weekending
we are weekending
you are weekending
they are weekending
Present Perfect
I have weekended
you have weekended
he/she/it has weekended
we have weekended
you have weekended
they have weekended
Past Continuous
I was weekending
you were weekending
he/she/it was weekending
we were weekending
you were weekending
they were weekending
Past Perfect
I had weekended
you had weekended
he/she/it had weekended
we had weekended
you had weekended
they had weekended
I will weekend
you will weekend
he/she/it will weekend
we will weekend
you will weekend
they will weekend
Future Perfect
I will have weekended
you will have weekended
he/she/it will have weekended
we will have weekended
you will have weekended
they will have weekended
Future Continuous
I will be weekending
you will be weekending
he/she/it will be weekending
we will be weekending
you will be weekending
they will be weekending
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been weekending
you have been weekending
he/she/it has been weekending
we have been weekending
you have been weekending
they have been weekending
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been weekending
you will have been weekending
he/she/it will have been weekending
we will have been weekending
you will have been weekending
they will have been weekending
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been weekending
you had been weekending
he/she/it had been weekending
we had been weekending
you had been weekending
they had been weekending
I would weekend
you would weekend
he/she/it would weekend
we would weekend
you would weekend
they would weekend
Past Conditional
I would have weekended
you would have weekended
he/she/it would have weekended
we would have weekended
you would have weekended
they would have weekended
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.weekend - a time period usually extending from Friday night through Sundayweekend - a time period usually extending from Friday night through Sunday; more loosely defined as any period of successive days including one and only one Sunday
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
Dominicus, Lord's Day, Sunday, Sun - first day of the week; observed as a day of rest and worship by most Christians
Sabbatum, Sat, Saturday - the seventh and last day of the week; observed as the Sabbath by Jews and some Christians
hebdomad, week - any period of seven consecutive days; "it rained for a week"
Verb1.weekend - spend the weekendweekend - spend the weekend      
spend, pass - pass time in a specific way; "how are you spending your summer vacation?"
konec tedna
ngày cuối tuần


A. N
1.fin m de semana
to stay over the weekendpasar el fin de semana
a long weekendun puente
to take a long weekend; make a long weekend of ithacer puente
2. (as adv) they are away weekendslos fines de semana se van fuera
B. VIpasar el fin de semana
C. CPD [cottage, trip, visit] → de fin de semana
weekend case Nmaletín m de viaje
weekend return N billete de ida y vuelta para el fin de semana


[ˌwiːkˈɛnd ˈwiːkɛnd] nweek-end m
last weekend → le week-end dernier
next weekend → le week-end prochain
at the weekend → ce week-end
at weekends → le week-endweekend case nsac m de voyage


1. nweek-end m inv, fine settimana m or f inv
a long weekend → un fine settimana lungo (che include il venerdì o il lunedì)
at the weekend → durante il fine settimana
at weekends → al weekend or fine settimana
to go away for the weekend → andare via per il weekend or il fine settimana
2. adj (cottage) → per il fine settimana; (visit) → di fine settimana


(wiːk) noun
1. any sequence of seven days, especially from Sunday to Saturday. It's three weeks since I saw her.
2. the five days from Monday to Friday inclusive. He can't go during the week, but he'll go on Saturday or Sunday.
3. the amount of time spent working during a period of seven days. He works a forty-eight-hour week.
ˈweekly adjective
happening, published etc once a week. a weekly magazine.
once a week. The newspaper is published weekly.
nounplural ˈweeklies
a publication coming out once a week. Is this newspaper a weekly or a daily?
ˈweekday noun
any day except a Saturday or Sunday. Our office is open only on weekdays; (also adjective) weekday flights.
ˌweekˈend noun
the period from the end of one working week until the beginning of the next (ie Saturday and Sunday, or Friday evening to Sunday evening). We spent a weekend in Paris; (also adjective) a weekend trip.
a week last Friday etc
the Friday etc before last. She died a week last Tuesday.
a week today/tomorrow, a week (on/next) Friday etc
a week from today, tomorrow, Friday etc. I'm going away a week tomorrow; Could we meet a week (on/next) Monday ?


عُطْلَةُ نِهَايَةِ الُأسْبُوع víkend weekend Wochenende σαββατοκύριακο fin de semana viikonloppu week-end vikend fine settimana 週末 주말 weekend helg weekend fim de semana, final de semana выходные дни helg วันหยุดสุดสัปดาห์ hafta sonu ngày cuối tuần 周末


n fin m de semana; — warrior guerrero -ra mf de fin de semana
References in classic literature ?
Anne's homesickness wore off, greatly helped in the wearing by her weekend visits home.
I shan't even have the comfort of looking forward to the weekend visit home, as I had when I went to Queen's.
Holdsworthy's family lived in a delightful bungalow near Menlo Park, and here Daylight spent a number of weekends, seeing a fineness and kindness of home life of which he had never dreamed.
She was going to a boarding-house where she had spent a couple of weekends with Emil Miller, and had written to say that her husband was obliged to go to Germany on business and she was coming down with her baby.
With the 33rd Street line operating this weekend, the temporary direct weekend Hoboken-to-World Trade Center PATH line will not be running.
56 million, up 25 percent from the previous weekend, for a cumulative gross of just $27.
London Stansted passengers will not face a strike by baggage handlers and check-in staff this weekend after the TGWU and GMB unions reached a two-year labor deal with Swissport.
So Ben and I were trying to figure out a good weekend for him to come down to Austin, TX, to hang out.
The Dinah Shore Weekend division isn't the only high-profile queer-event breakup of late: In late 2003 the Out-games split from the Federation of Gay Games, with competing events to be held this summer in Montreal and Chicago, respectively.
This box office bonanza was proof that the efforts of an organization called the First Weekend Club (FWC) worked.
ture simmer all weekend and savor the laughter, the joy of discovery and the beginnings of concern and commitment that fill the air.
Director of Sales and Marketing Tom Hess expects some opening celebration for that weekend but most of the excitement, he said, is focusing on the Gala Opening which that take place July 4th weekend.