weenie roast

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Noun1.weenie roast - a cookout where roasted frankfurters are the main courseweenie roast - a cookout where roasted frankfurters are the main course
cookout - an informal meal cooked and eaten outdoors
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sharp a great cannon goes off, the fort lights up, and then participants can follow the luminaries into the parade grounds for a Nativity tableau followed by a bonfire and weenie roast. Main Street.
Following Scott Weiland's controversial split from the '90s band, Bennington made his surprise debut with STP at Los Angeles radio station krOQ's Weenie Roast festival last May, performing a brand-new track, "Out of Time," that he had written with the remaining STP members.
For the launch of a new model, your boss decides to host a weenie roast for customers.
Grundy, or, in one case, by his stove, which orders him outside to "have a weenie roast" rather than sully it with his cooking.