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Noun1.weepiness - sadness expressed by weepingweepiness - sadness expressed by weeping  
sadness, unhappiness - emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being
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Dr David Evan Morris said the first occasion was in March 2012 when Mr Sargeant had been to see him in Connah's Quay and described waking in the early morning and "weepiness".
INSOMNIA AND 'WEEPINESS' CARL SARGEANT'S GP told the inquest that the AM had seen doctors a number of times over depression, trouble sleeping and tearfulness from 2012 onwards.
Definitely don't bring the weepiness home to the wife, because she doesn't want to hear it," she explained.
The contents are divided into sections with titles such as Flaws Become You and Weepiness is Next to Godliness, each prefaced by a deadpan comic strip.
Weepiness, a clingy disposition, a lack of thirst and appetite for food as well as a dislike of warm, stuffy rooms may be noted, These features, along with a paroxysmal burning dysuria, urgency worse on lying down and urinary incontinence, particularly from coughing or sneezing, often guide the prescriber to the remedy.
This can make it easy to mistake depression for the "baby blues"--a period of weepiness, anxiety, moodiness, and exhaustion that commonly occurs to new mothers.
The usual symptoms include unexplainable weepiness, irritability, and anxiety.
And yet his weepiness didn't seem to say, poor little me.
Unfortunately, the 2006 version is fatally marred by misguided casting, faulty pronunciation, and a surfeit of weepiness. By the way, if the plot sounds familiar, it is because Arthur Golden's 1997 novel Memoirs of a Geisha and Rob Marshall's 2005 film are drawn almost scene by scene from Ruswa and Muzaffar Ali.
In turn this may create weepiness, exaggerated emotions, over reactions and even depression.