weigh in

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weigh 1

v. weighed, weigh·ing, weighs
a. To determine the weight of, as with a scale: weighed the tomatoes before buying them.
b. To measure or apportion (a certain quantity) by weight. Often used with out: weighed out a pound of cheese.
a. To balance in the mind in order to make a choice; ponder or evaluate: weighed the alternatives and decided to stay.
b. To choose carefully or deliberately: weigh one's words.
3. Nautical To raise (anchor).
1. To be of a specific weight: The dog weighs nearly 50 pounds.
2. To have consequence or importance: The decision weighed heavily against us.
a. To cause to bend heavily by added weight. Used with on or upon: a coating of ice that weighed on the slender branches.
b. To be burdensome or oppressive. Used with on or upon: These concerns have been weighing on us for weeks.
4. Nautical To raise anchor.
Phrasal Verbs:
weigh down
1. To cause to bend down with added weight: vines that were weighed down with grapes.
2. To give great worry or difficulty to; burden: The responsibilities of the new job weighed him down.
weigh in
1. Sports To be weighed at a weigh-in.
2. To have one's baggage weighed, as at an airport.
3. To be of a specified weight: The new book weighs in at 7 pounds.
4. Slang To join in a discussion; utter a remark: She weighed in with some pertinent facts.

[Middle English weien, from Old English wegan; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

weigh′a·ble adj.
weigh′er n.

weigh 2

n. Nautical
Way. Used in the phrase under weigh.

[Variant (influenced by weigh, as in weigh anchor) of way.]
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weigh in

vb (intr, adverb)
1. (Boxing) (of a boxer or wrestler) to be weighed before a bout
2. (Wrestling) (of a boxer or wrestler) to be weighed before a bout
3. (Horse Racing) (of a jockey) to be weighed after, or sometimes before, a race
4. informal to contribute, as in a discussion, etc: he weighed in with a few sharp comments.
5. (Boxing) the act of checking a competitor's weight, as in boxing, horse racing, etc
6. (Wrestling) the act of checking a competitor's weight, as in boxing, horse racing, etc
7. (Horse Racing) the act of checking a competitor's weight, as in boxing, horse racing, etc
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يَزِن قَبْلَ الملاكَمَه أو السِّباق
leméreti magát
vera vigtaîur fyrir keppni
müsabakadan önce tart mak

w>weigh in

(Sport) → sich (vor dem Kampf/Rennen) wiegen lassen; he weighed in at 70 kiloser brachte 70 Kilo auf die Waage
(at airport) → das Gepäck (ab)wiegen lassen
(fig inf) (= join in)zu Hilfe kommen (with mit); (= interfere)sich einschalten
vt sep luggagewiegen lassen
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(wei) verb
1. to find the heaviness of (something) by placing it on a scale. He weighed himself on the bathroom scales; You must have your luggage weighed at the airport.
2. to be equal to in heaviness. This parcel weighs one kilo; How much / What does this box weigh?
3. to be a heavy burden to. She was weighed down with two large suitcases.
weight (weit) noun
1. the amount which a person or thing weighs. He's put on a lot of weight (= got much fatter) over the years.
2. a piece of metal etc of a standard weight. seven-pound weight.
3. a heavy object, especially one for lifting as a sport. He lifts weights to develop his muscles.
4. burden; load. You have taken a weight off my mind.
5. importance. Her opinion carries a lot of weight.
1. to attach, or add, a weight or weights to. The plane is weighted at the nose so that it balances correctly in flight.
2. to hold down by attaching weights. They weighted the balloon to prevent it from flying away.
ˈweightless adjective
not affected by the earth's gravity pull. The astronauts became weightless on going into orbit round the earth.
ˈweightlessness noun
ˈweighty adjective
1. important. a weighty reason.
2. heavy.
ˈweightily adverb
ˈweightiness noun
ˈweighing-machine noun
a (public) machine for weighing people, loads etc; a scale. I weighed myself on the weighing-machine at the railway station.
ˈweightlifting noun
the sport of lifting weights.
weigh anchor
to lift a ship's anchor in preparation for sailing.
weigh in to find one's weight before a fight, after a horse-race etc ( ˈweigh-in) noun
weigh out
to measure out by weighing. He weighed out six kilos of sand.
weigh up
to calculate, estimate; to consider. He weighed up his chances of success.
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The tickets were free for that but they went quickly and there will be thousands at the venue on to see us weigh in, which all adds to the excitement.
When I first started this campaign I told everyone that I was absolutely against having a weekly weigh in, I don't like knowing anything about my progress until the end.