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weigh 1

v. weighed, weigh·ing, weighs
a. To determine the weight of, as with a scale: weighed the tomatoes before buying them.
b. To measure or apportion (a certain quantity) by weight. Often used with out: weighed out a pound of cheese.
a. To balance in the mind in order to make a choice; ponder or evaluate: weighed the alternatives and decided to stay.
b. To choose carefully or deliberately: weigh one's words.
3. Nautical To raise (anchor).
1. To be of a specific weight: The dog weighs nearly 50 pounds.
2. To have consequence or importance: The decision weighed heavily against us.
a. To cause to bend heavily by added weight. Used with on or upon: a coating of ice that weighed on the slender branches.
b. To be burdensome or oppressive. Used with on or upon: These concerns have been weighing on us for weeks.
4. Nautical To raise anchor.
Phrasal Verbs:
weigh down
1. To cause to bend down with added weight: vines that were weighed down with grapes.
2. To give great worry or difficulty to; burden: The responsibilities of the new job weighed him down.
weigh in
1. Sports To be weighed at a weigh-in.
2. To have one's baggage weighed, as at an airport.
3. To be of a specified weight: The new book weighs in at 7 pounds.
4. Slang To join in a discussion; utter a remark: She weighed in with some pertinent facts.

[Middle English weien, from Old English wegan; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

weigh′a·ble adj.
weigh′er n.

weigh 2

n. Nautical
Way. Used in the phrase under weigh.

[Variant (influenced by weigh, as in weigh anchor) of way.]
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Noun1.weigher - an official who weighs and records the weight
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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Taste: that is weight at the same time, and scales and weigher; and alas for every living thing that would live without dispute about weight and scales and weigher!
He scribbled the amount on a pad, and the weigher at the bar balanced fifty dollars' worth of dust in the gold-scales and poured it into Burning Daylight's sack.
Great were the weariness and annoyance of the old Inspector and the Weighers and Gaugers, whose slumbers were disturbed by the unmercifully lengthened tramp of my passing and returning footsteps.
The company, which uses modern technology in the course of its manufacturing and packaging processes, recently purchased a top-of-the-range Ishida CCW-RV multi head weigher. The purchase continued a strong working partnership between Ishida and Mirelite Mirsa that dates back to the company's purchase of its first Ishida weigher, a CCW-NZ-214, back in 1999.
The multihead weigher was a replacement piece of equipment as the company initially selected a weigher from another supplier.
The Ishida CCW-RV-214-70-S-FPR-1 mulithead weigher is part of the company's newlylaunched Sector Solutions range, with models developed to ensure the optimum handling and accurate weighing of specific product types.
As a result of a three-phase automation project, including the installation of a robust multi-head weigher from Dutch specialist manufacturer PIM, Caythorpe Farmers have doubled output and slashed giveaway on its potato packing line.
Dugdale plc, with its eighth Chrono-Weigh E55 bagging weigher, for the company's Sowerby Bridge compounding facility in West Yorkshire.
The result was positive, as Cabinplant invented an extra feature to enhance its screw feeding multihead weigher. In order to minimize the number of duplets, triplets and 'zeroes' (empty fillings), sensor gates were mounted on each assembling pan, enabling feed back on product filling in each pan.
Summary: Ishida EuropeEoACAOs smallest multihead weigher is enabling Swiss dental supplies specialist Polydentia SA to accurately weigh and pack dental wedges faster than previous manual weighing had permitted.
The system combines an A918 inline combination weigher with a custom-designed rotary wheel depositor.
An Ishida Fresh Food Weigher (FFW) is delivering the ideal solution for the packing into trays of two diverse products for the retail market -- grated beetroot and half and quarter pears -- at Hot Cuisine, a Belgian specialist supplier of freshly prepared meals, soups and meal components.