weight down

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Verb1.weight down - weight down with a loadweight down - weight down with a load    
overburden - load with excessive weight
plumb - weight with lead
charge - fill or load to capacity; "charge the wagon with hay"
saddle - load or burden; encumber; "he saddled me with that heavy responsibility"

w>weight down

vt sep person (with parcels etc) → überladen; corpsebeschweren; (fig)belasten, niederdrücken
References in classic literature ?
After a while this ceased, and then came the scuffling and shuffling of men's feet as they carried a heavy weight down the steep and winding stairs.
It was small enough, but do what we would we could not get its weight down under about forty pounds a man.
And ever since he had never managed to get his weight down as much as an ounce.
MAMMOTH TASK Juan is using weights and an exercise bike to get the weight down
Golf keeps your weight down: A round of golf walking burns 1500 calories and keeps your weight down.
Masters at keeping weight down, Suzuki has managed to get the new Swift Sport in at under a tonne with a kerb weight of 970kg.
At 6ft he is tall for a jockey so has to keep his weight down to just over 10 stones.
The skeltonized frame keeps overall weight down to 6.
I enjoy ballet because because keeps me fit and and it helps keep weight down He's out to show that exercise is for everyone, whatever your age, and is urging Brummies to follow in his jettes and demi plies.
Each vest features both shoulder (1/4lb each) and pocket weights (1lb each) providing weight down through the shoulders and directed toward the hips.
5" axle to axle, it has the company's carbon Knight[TM] Riser, which keeps the weight down to a feathery 3.
Teams are struggling to keep their cars' weight down for the coming season as a result of heavier turbo engines, so larger drivers may be at a disadvantage.