weight down

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Verb1.weight down - weight down with a loadweight down - weight down with a load    
overburden - load with excessive weight
plumb - weight with lead
charge - fill or load to capacity; "charge the wagon with hay"
saddle - load or burden; encumber; "he saddled me with that heavy responsibility"
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w>weight down

vt sep person (with parcels etc) → überladen; corpsebeschweren; (fig)belasten, niederdrücken
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It was small enough, but do what we would we could not get its weight down under about forty pounds a man.
And ever since he had never managed to get his weight down as much as an ounce.
After a while this ceased, and then came the scuffling and shuffling of men's feet as they carried a heavy weight down the steep and winding stairs.
MAMMOTH TASK Juan is using weights and an exercise bike to get the weight down
Golf keeps your weight down: A round of golf walking burns 1500 calories and keeps your weight down.
Masters at keeping weight down, Suzuki has managed to get the new Swift Sport in at under a tonne with a kerb weight of 970kg.
The automaker stated that the carbon fibre used in the car brings the dry weight down to 3,351 pounds.
But I kept hearing ordinary people saying they've run this and that and thought, 'If they can do it, why can't I?' "Running has helped bring my weight down and is a fantastic way to enjoy being outdoors and meet new people.
At 6ft he is tall for a jockey so has to keep his weight down to just over 10 stones.
The skeltonized frame keeps overall weight down to 6.5 pounds and has a pistol grip with soft rubber inserts.
The Diamond Deploy SB[TM] ($749) has a Knight[TM] carbon riser that is incredibly strong and keeps the weight down to a minimal 3.2 lbs.
Each vest features both shoulder (1/4lb each) and pocket weights (1lb each) providing weight down through the shoulders and directed toward the hips.