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a person who is dieting to control his or her weight.
weight′-watch`ing, adj., n.
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She attended one slimming night where members stood up and gave a breakdown of their weight-watching week while colleagues in the struggle against the scales applauded loudly and whistled.
Photoshoots, video re-shoots, studio recording, online marketing campaigns, a second music video, vocal training, performance coaching, dance rehearsals, weight-watching and exercising are all part of the Irish beauty's daily diet.
While weight-watching, diet is not something she puts much thought into, she reveals.
Perhaps we could have local, regional and national league tables to show how our movers and shakers have performed in the weight-watching derby.
Information includes the amount of calories contained within popular festival food such as roasted almonds, candy floss and fried sausages -- with the hotel advising women to forget all notions of weight-watching whilst at Oktoberfest and dance instead!
"I don't buy them very often but I'm not going to stop because you never know which part of the pig you're gonna get next!" StephB added: "I rarely enough use pubs, but why further persecute their customers, who, by being there, are obviously not over-concerned about weight-watching? "If David Cameron truly wishes to save money in the health service, he should crack down on this sort of hare-brained 'initiative'!" Suspiciousminds had heard enough: "Slimline tonic with gin then poached fish, steamed veg and a baked spud ...
An on-off patient in Carstairs for more than 20 years, he said the new weight-watching plan would make him less fit.
while the baked chicken with roasted vegetables would make an ideal dish for an informal supper with other weight-watching friends.
Kroese suggests that sticking pictures of tempting foods on the fridge door may help to bring weight-watching goals to mind.
The Mazda2 is a well-priced supermini with a definite sporting heritage, which not only shows in its ability to perform as much more than just an urban runabout but also in its inherent eagerness to please with its weight-watching approach to "greener motoring".