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1. Having little or no weight.
2. Not experiencing the effects of gravity.

weight′less·ly adv.
weight′less·ness n.
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in a weightless manner
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Competing with Amazon's Belei collection, Walmart's skincare line is " designed to layer weightlessly" and be "a luxurious experience for under $10," the news outlet reported.
Healthy skin with a makeup formulation that provides full coverage that weightlessly sits on top of skin for a bright and flawless complexion.
Her act features her flying weightlessly through the air, before diving into a glass tank filled with water.
SCUBA DIVING Experience the thrill of weightlessly moving through the water and seeing creatures such as fish, crabs and octopus in their natural environment.
Air and water inside the room is heated to skin temperature, while the water is saturated with Epsom salts to provide buoyancy - allowing people to float weightlessly.
It must be sublime to be unencumbered by conscience, weightlessly bloviating to the cheers of admirers without the burden of truth.
Moving weightlessly through brown ether, forming ripples and eddies
Countless pods inhabit the region and it's not unusual to encounter 70 or more dolphins at once, racing your small speedboat and leaping weightlessly in every direction, sometimes just an arm's length away.
Furthermore, astronauts carry dust on their spacesuits into the lunar module where it becomes suspended weightlessly in the air, causing them to inhale the particles during their entire return trip to Earth.
His paintings are multiperspectival (an outcome of the artist hovering over the canvas, rather than standing before it at an easel) and built up with layers of cartoonish line drawings that float weightlessly around the picture plane.
Abbreviated from Crew Interactive MObile companioN, CIMON now floats weightlessly around the ISS, using fans to move through the station's air and imaging to avoid the walls and recognise crew members.