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Noun1.welcome wagon - a wheeled vehicle carrying information and gifts from local merchants for new residents in an area
wheeled vehicle - a vehicle that moves on wheels and usually has a container for transporting things or people; "the oldest known wheeled vehicles were found in Sumer and Syria and date from around 3500 BC"
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"Bark Your Biz is a pet business welcome wagon," said Malone-Bennie.
Ann was the Libertyville Welcome Wagon hostess for many years, a volunteer for Libertyville MainStreet and a former Libertyville volunteer of the Year.
France's welcome wagon could be overturned as well by Iran's next move.
So is the official reappointment of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai , while Washington's Welcome Wagon can now show up at The Portals to shower words of praise on Brendan Carr.
Besides Ralph, my welcome wagon consisted of the ebullient Murray Rothbard, the gentlemen Leonard Liggio and Joseph Peden, and the massive and complicated Roy Childs.
She worked at Bon Marche until it closed, then was a Welcome Wagon hostess and a Weight Watchers instructor.
YOUR SCOPE: When an unexpected addition enters your life--a baby in the fam, an out-of-the-blue friend, a rescued pet-you're the ultimate welcome wagon. Make the newbie feel special; your kindness is contagious and means so much.
Far from getting a welcome wagon, Cross finds that the atmosphere in his home town has changed vastly; and it's up to him to find out why--and to absolve his cousin of a terrible crime.
Were that DelMonte was the only Democrat not boarding the Ceretto Welcome Wagon.
The direct marketing company recently acquired Welcome Wagon.
She was well connected in the local community serving on the Welcome Wagon committee, teaching piano lessons, and playing the organ regularly at the United Parish Church (Lunenburg).
Ukraine's economy has been in the gutter for the past year and has been kept afloat by the IMF and aid money from the EU and US, which have served as the "Welcome Wagon" for Kiev's move westwards.