welder's mask

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Noun1.welder's mask - a mask that you wear for protection when doing weldingwelder's mask - a mask that you wear for protection when doing welding
mask - a protective covering worn over the face
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It was a welder's mask, he said, telling local media that Neely was well-known to officers and often felt safe with a face covering, though he only offered anecdotal evidence of the claim.
At one point a poor waiter even served a sticky toffee pudding wearing a welder's mask...
"Dad always uses a welder's mask when he's welding in the garage but he needn't bother--he could just use tinted safety specs."
Children at Wyken Croft Primary School use the pin-hole method or solar glasses for viewing the eclipse - apart from |one bright youngster, Charlie Erskine, who used a welder's mask
To the far right of the canvas, the figure who appears to be carrying a welder's mask, is depicted to have a fish-shaped head.
Mind you, she does something for me in that welder's mask.
The name produces visions of industrial sanders, but thankfully there wasn't a welder's mask in sight.