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Noun1.welfare case - a case for a welfare worker
case - a person requiring professional services; "a typical case was the suburban housewife described by a marriage counselor"
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Having worked in a Citizens Advice Bureau in 1985 and done voluntary welfare case work for many years I am well aware of the chaotic mistakes made by poorly trained inadequate Benefits Agency staff who said their work entailed ensuring that claimants were justly entitled to the payments made to them.
When asked by animal welfare case workers about the treatment, Doyle said Morley was "a f***d up dog", and said had put the belt around its mouth because it had urinated and defecated in the flat.
The author covers the history of child welfare in New York City, the life of a child welfare case, the impact of fear on a system in crisis, policing versus helping in child welfare, and many other related subjects over the books eight chapters.
* Age 1-2 years Scooby, a whippet cross, was brought to us as a welfare case, suffering from hair loss and damage to his skin.
Flanagan is banned from the NRL for 12 months over a players' welfare case, but last week penned a three-year deal at his club Cronulla for his return.
(52) Once a child is removed from his or her parent or guardian (in a child welfare case) or detained (in a delinquency case), the juvenile officer determines whether to file a child abuse or neglect or juvenile delinquency petition, and, if filing a petition, whether to release the child to a parent or other adult or ask a judge to approve protective custody--placing a child in the Children's Division's custody or juvenile detention pre-trial, before any allegations of parental abuse or neglect or juvenile delinquency are proven or disproven.
During the hearing in the child welfare case involving two Indian children, which was held in Stavanger District Court Tuesday, the CWS and the children's parents submitted a joint claim to the court stating that there is an agreement that the conditions for the children being taken into care have been met.
New Delhi, April 18 ( ANI ): The hearing in the child welfare case involving two Indian children was held in Stavanger District Court on 17 April.
A statement issued by Stavenger City Council said: "new developments in the child welfare case involving two Indian children make it impossible to carry out the hearing in Stavenger district court that was scheduled for March 23."
Child welfare case management systems were designed, in part, to standardise participatory practices for both young people and their parents.
The appellate court, seeking (and finding) justice for the children, ruled in about the only manner it could, given that it appeared before them not as a child welfare case, but as a home education case.
But the research, conducted nationally, found the law was also used to find out about people who let their dog foul in at least seven cases, a breach of planning law, an animal welfare case, and an instance of littering.