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The set of policies, practices, and social attitudes associated with a welfare state.

wel′far·ist n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) policies or attitudes associated with a welfare state
ˈwelˌfarist n


(ˈwɛlˌfɛər ɪz əm, -fɛəˌrɪz-)

the set of attitudes and policies characterizing or tending toward the establishment of a welfare state.


the beliefs and policies associated with the welfare system.
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Eva Bertram chronicles the central role of Southern policymakers in the shift from New Deal welfarism, "rooted in the premise of entitlement to cash assistance to all eligible families" to workfare, which conditioned aid on labor market participation (65).
Perhaps the focus on small entrepreneurs, together with a renewed commitment to welfarism, will be enough for Modi to survive 2019.
It would not be until the creation of the four main spa centres, and the concerted shift towards welfarism taken by the Liberal Party after 1891, that the physical therapies would become anything other than an occasional luxury for those who could afford the treatment.
This expansion of welfarism is at odds with narratives that describe South Africa as model of neoliberal development.
Thus through his argument that welfarism is an aspect that Ubuntu offers, Nyamnjoh's book has the potency and potential to survive the test of time in this recalcitrant, feral world where political-economic misapprehension, the chagrin of civil strife, and social injustice are inherently ubiquitous today as ever.
Whereas 50 years ago the clergy were depicted as figures of fun, today they are too often seen as sociology bores, moaning about food banks and welfarism and forcing congregations to clap along to ghastly Joan Baez songs.
Where it is weaker is in the section of welfarism (for the youth and disadvantaged), perhaps not the core of the book and put in to make it a politically attractive proposition.
Looking for flaws in the hunting field's claims to democratic participation, for an increasing awareness of the hypocrisy of legislation that seemed to privilege upper-class pursuits over those of the masses, and for a growing tide of animal welfarism, May traces the roots of "controversy" to the sport's infancy.
The welfarism scale is based on responses to statements such as "The government should spend more money on welfare benefits for the poor, even if it leads to higher taxes".
Humanists must be willing to join picket lines, support economic boycotts, speak out unashamedly against dehumanizing qualities of our civilization; cybernation without thought, bigotry without shame, welfarism without a grudge, segregation for political and economic profit.
Throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s welfarism was widely evident in youth justice policy and practice responses (see Blagg & Smith, 1989).