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well 1

1. A deep hole or shaft sunk into the earth to obtain water, oil, gas, or brine.
2. A container or reservoir for a liquid, such as ink.
a. A place where water issues from the earth; a spring or fountain.
b. A mineral spring.
c. wells A watering place; a spa.
4. An abundant source: a well of information.
5. An open space extending vertically through the floors of a building, as for stairs or ventilation.
6. Nautical
a. An enclosure in a ship's hold for the pumps.
b. A compartment or recessed area in a ship, used for stowage: an anchor well.
c. A part of a ship's weather deck enclosed between two watertight bulkheads.
7. A cistern with a perforated bottom in the hold of a fishing vessel for keeping fish alive.
8. An enclosed space for receiving and holding something, such as the wheels of an airplane when retracted.
9. Chiefly British The central space in a law court, directly in front of the judge's bench, where the counsel or solicitor sits.
v. welled, well·ing, wells
1. To rise to the surface, ready to flow: Tears welled in my eyes.
2. To rise or surge from an inner source: Anger welled up in me.
To pour forth.

[Middle English welle, from Old English; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

well 2

adv. bet·ter (bĕt′ər), best (bĕst)
1. In a good or proper manner: behaved well.
2. Skillfully or proficiently: dances well.
3. Satisfactorily or sufficiently: slept well.
4. Successfully or effectively: gets along well with people.
5. In a comfortable or affluent manner: lived well.
6. In a manner affording benefit or gain; advantageously: married well.
7. With reason or propriety; reasonably: can't very well say no.
8. In all likelihood; indeed: You may well need your umbrella.
9. In a prudent or sensible manner: You would do well to say nothing more.
10. In a close or familiar manner: knew them well.
11. In a favorable or approving manner: spoke well of them.
12. Thoroughly; completely: well cooked; cooked well.
13. Perfectly; clearly: I well understand your intentions.
14. To a suitable or appropriate degree: This product will answer your needs equally well.
15. To a considerable extent or degree: well over the estimate.
16. With care or attention: listened well.
17. Entirely; fully: well worth seeing.
adj. better, best
1. In a satisfactory condition; right or proper: All is well.
a. Not ailing, infirm, or diseased; healthy. See Synonyms at healthy.
b. Cured or healed, as a wound.
c. Of or characterized by the maintenance of good health practices. Often used in combination: a well-baby clinic; a well-child visit to the doctor.
a. Advisable; prudent: It would be well not to ask.
b. Fortunate; good: It is well that you stayed.
1. Used to introduce a remark, resume a narrative, or fill a pause during conversation.
2. Used to express surprise.
as well
1. In addition; also: mentioned other matters as well.
2. With equal effect: I might as well go.
in well with Informal
In a position to influence or be favored by: He's in well with management.

[Middle English wel, from Old English; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: English speakers have used well both as an adjective and as an adverb since Old English times. When applied to people, the adjective well usually refers to a state of health. Like similar adjectives, such as ill and faint, well in this use is normally restricted to the predicate, as in He hasn't been well lately. Well does see occasional use before a noun, as in Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Dick eats like a well man, and drinks like a sick." It also appears in compound adjectives like well-baby and well-child, which are widely used by health-care providers. Good, on the other hand, has a much wider range of senses, including "attractive," as in He looks good, and "competent," as in She's pretty good for a beginner, as well as "healthy." See Usage Note at good.
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adv, better or best
1. (often used in combination) in a satisfactory manner: the party went very well.
2. (often used in combination) in a good, skilful, or pleasing manner: she plays the violin well.
3. in a correct or careful manner: listen well to my words.
4. in a comfortable or prosperous manner: to live well.
5. (usually used with auxiliaries) suitably; fittingly: you can't very well say that.
6. intimately: I knew him well.
7. in a kind or favourable manner: she speaks well of you.
8. to a great or considerable extent; fully: to be well informed.
9. by a considerable margin: let me know well in advance.
10. (preceded by: could, might, or may) indeed: you may well have to do it yourself.
11. informal (intensifier): well safe.
12. all very well used ironically to express discontent, dissent, etc
13. as well
a. in addition; too
b. (preceded by: may or might) with equal effect: you might as well come.
c. just as well preferable or advisable: it would be just as well if you paid me now.
14. just as well preferable or advisable: it would be just as well if you paid me now.
15. as well as in addition to
16. just leave well alone just leave well enough alone to refrain from interfering with something that is satisfactory
17. well and good used to indicate calm acceptance, as of a decision: if you accept my offer, well and good.
18. well up in well acquainted with (a particular subject); knowledgeable about
adj (usually postpositive)
19. (when prenominal, usually used with a negative) in good health: I'm very well, thank you; he's not a well man.
20. satisfactory, agreeable, or pleasing
21. prudent; advisable: it would be well to make no comment.
22. prosperous or comfortable
23. fortunate or happy: it is well that you agreed to go.
a. an expression of surprise, indignation, or reproof
b. an expression of anticipation in waiting for an answer or remark
sentence connector
an expression used to preface a remark, gain time, etc: well, I don't think I will come.
[Old English wel; related to Old High German wala, wola (German wohl), Old Norse val, Gothic waila]


1. (Civil Engineering) a hole or shaft that is excavated, drilled, bored, or cut into the earth so as to tap a supply of water, oil, gas, etc
2. (Mining & Quarrying) a hole or shaft that is excavated, drilled, bored, or cut into the earth so as to tap a supply of water, oil, gas, etc
3. (Physical Geography) a natural pool where ground water comes to the surface
a. a cavity, space, or vessel used to contain a liquid
b. (in combination): an inkwell.
5. (Building) an open shaft through the floors of a building, such as one used for a staircase
6. (Building) a deep enclosed space in a building or between buildings that is open to the sky to permit light and air to enter
7. (Nautical Terms)
a. a bulkheaded compartment built around a ship's pumps for protection and ease of access
b. another word for cockpit
8. (Fishing) a perforated tank in the hold of a fishing boat for keeping caught fish alive
9. (Law) (in England) the open space in the centre of a law court
10. a source, esp one that provides a continuous supply: he is a well of knowledge.
to flow or cause to flow upwards or outwards: tears welled from her eyes.
[Old English wella; related to Old High German wella (German Welle wave), Old Norse vella boiling heat]
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adv., adj. compar. bet•ter, superl. best, adv.
1. in a good or satisfactory manner: Our plans are going well.
2. thoroughly, carefully, or soundly: Shake well before using.
3. in a moral or proper manner: to behave well.
4. commendably, meritoriously, or excellently: a difficult task well handled.
5. with propriety, justice, or reason: I could not well refuse.
6. with favor or approval: to think well of someone.
7. comfortably or prosperously: to live well.
8. to a considerable extent or degree: a sum well over the amount agreed upon.
9. with great or intimate knowledge: to know a person well.
10. certainly; without doubt: I cry easily, as you well know.
11. with good nature; without rancor: He took the joke well.
12. in good health; sound in body and mind: He is not a well man.
13. satisfactory, pleasing, or good: All is well with us.
14. proper, fitting, or gratifying: It is well that you didn't go.
15. in a satisfactory position; well-off: I am very well as I am.
16. (used to express surprise, reproof, etc.): Well! There's no need to shout.
17. (used to introduce a sentence, resume a conversation, etc.): Well, it's time to go home.
18. well-being; good fortune; success: to wish well to someone.
1. as well, in addition; also; too.
2. as well as, as much or as truly as; equally as: witty as well as kind.
3. leave well enough alone, to avoid changing something that is satisfactory.
[before 900; Middle English, Old English wel(l) (adj. and adv.), c. Old Frisian, Old Saxon wel, Old Norse vel]
well′ness, n.
usage: See good.



1. a hole drilled or bored into the earth to obtain water, petroleum, natural gas, brine, or sulfur.
2. a spring or natural source of water.
3. an apparent reservoir or a source of human feelings, emotions, energy, etc.: a well of compassion.
4. a container, receptacle, or reservoir for a liquid, as ink.
5. any sunken or deep enclosed space, as a shaft for air or light, stairs, or an elevator, extending vertically through the floors of a building.
6. a hollow compartment, recessed area, or depression for holding a specific item or items, as fish in the bottom of a boat or the retracted wheels of an airplane in flight.
7. Naut. a part of a weather deck between two superstructures, extending from one side of a vessel to the other.
8. to rise, spring, or gush, as water, from the earth or some other source (often fol. by up, out, or forth): Tears welled up in my eyes.
9. to send welling up or forth.
10. like, of, resembling, from, or used in connection with a well.
[before 900; (n.) Middle English well(e), Old English wylle, wella, c. Old High German welle wave; (v.) Middle English; Old English weallan to boil, melt, c. Old Saxon, Old High German wallan]


(wil; unstressed wɪl)
contraction of we shall or we will.
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 a source of supply.
Examples: well of all courage, 1377; of all crafts, 1377; of gentleness, 1440; of grace, c. 1300; of mercy; of mischief, 1538; of pity, 1530; of tears, 1382; of serious thought; of wisdom, 1225.
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1. 'good'

Something that is good is pleasant, acceptable, or satisfactory. The comparative form of good is better. The superlative form is best.

Your French is better than mine.
This is the best cake I've ever eaten.
2. 'well'

Good is never an adverb. If you want to say that something is done to a high standard or to a great extent, you use well, not 'good'.

She speaks English well.
I don't know him very well.
See well

The comparative form of well is better. The superlative form is best.

I changed seats so I could see better.
Use the method that works best for you.
See better


1. used before a statement

In conversation, people sometimes say well when they are about to make a statement. Well can show that someone is hesitating or uncertain, but sometimes it has no meaning at all.

'Is that right?' – 'Well, I think so.'

In conversation, people also use well when they are correcting something they have just said.

We walked along in silence; well, not really silence, because she was humming.
It took me years, well months at least, to realise that he'd lied to me.
2. used as an adverb

Well is very commonly an adverb.

You use well to say that something is done to a high standard or to a great extent.

He handled it well.
The strategy has worked very well in the past.

You use well to emphasize some -ed participles when they are part of a passive construction.

You seem to be well liked at work.

When well is used with an -ed participle like this to make a compound adjective that comes before a noun, the compound usually has a hyphen.

She was seen having dinner with a well-known actor.
This is a very well-established custom.

When the compound adjective comes after a verb, don't use a hyphen.

The author is well known in his native country of Scotland.
Their routine of a morning walk was well established.

You also use well in front of some prepositions such as ahead of and behind.

The candidate is well ahead of his rivals in the opinion polls.
The border now lay well behind them.

When well is an adverb, its comparative and superlative forms are better and best.

People are better housed than ever before.
What works best is a balanced, sensible diet.
3. used as an adjective

Well is also an adjective. If you are well, you are healthy and not ill.

She looked well.
'How are you?' – 'I'm very well, thank you.'

Most British speakers do not use well in front of a noun. They don't say, for example, 'He's a well man'. They say 'He's well'. However, American and Scottish speakers sometimes use well in front of a noun.

When well is an adjective, it does not have a comparative form. However, you can use better to say that the health of a sick person has improved. When better is used like this, it means 'less ill'.

He seems better today.

Better is more commonly used to say that someone has completely recovered from an illness or injury.

I hope you'll be better soon.
Her cold was better.
See better
4. 'as well'

You use as well when you are giving more information about something.

Fresh fruit is healthier than tinned fruit. And it tastes nicer as well.
The woman laughed, and Jayah giggled as well.
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Past participle: welled
Gerund: welling

I well
you well
he/she/it wells
we well
you well
they well
I welled
you welled
he/she/it welled
we welled
you welled
they welled
Present Continuous
I am welling
you are welling
he/she/it is welling
we are welling
you are welling
they are welling
Present Perfect
I have welled
you have welled
he/she/it has welled
we have welled
you have welled
they have welled
Past Continuous
I was welling
you were welling
he/she/it was welling
we were welling
you were welling
they were welling
Past Perfect
I had welled
you had welled
he/she/it had welled
we had welled
you had welled
they had welled
I will well
you will well
he/she/it will well
we will well
you will well
they will well
Future Perfect
I will have welled
you will have welled
he/she/it will have welled
we will have welled
you will have welled
they will have welled
Future Continuous
I will be welling
you will be welling
he/she/it will be welling
we will be welling
you will be welling
they will be welling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been welling
you have been welling
he/she/it has been welling
we have been welling
you have been welling
they have been welling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been welling
you will have been welling
he/she/it will have been welling
we will have been welling
you will have been welling
they will have been welling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been welling
you had been welling
he/she/it had been welling
we had been welling
you had been welling
they had been welling
I would well
you would well
he/she/it would well
we would well
you would well
they would well
Past Conditional
I would have welled
you would have welled
he/she/it would have welled
we would have welled
you would have welled
they would have welled
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.well - a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brinewell - a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine
artesian well - a well drilled through impermeable strata into strata that receive water from a higher altitude so there is pressure to force the water to flow upward
driven well, tube well - a well made by driving a tube into the earth to a stratum that bears water
excavation - a hole in the ground made by excavating
gas well - a well that yields or has yielded natural gas
oil well, oiler - a well that yields or has yielded oil
sump - a well or other hole in which water has collected
2.well - a cavity or vessel used to contain liquidwell - a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid
inkstand, inkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dipped
vessel - an object used as a container (especially for liquids)
3.well - an abundant source; "she was a well of information"
source - a document (or organization) from which information is obtained; "the reporter had two sources for the story"
4.well - an open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)
shaft - a vertical passageway through a building (as for an elevator)
stairwell - a vertical well around which there is a stairway
5.well - an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps
bilge well - (nautical) a well where seepage drains to be pumped away
compartment - a partitioned section, chamber, or separate room within a larger enclosed area
pump well - an enclosure in the middle of a ship's hold that protects the ship's pumps
Verb1.well - come up, as of a liquidwell - come up, as of a liquid; "Tears well in her eyes"; "the currents well up"
rise up, surface, come up, rise - come to the surface
Adj.1.well - in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury; "appears to be entirely well"; "the wound is nearly well"; "a well man"; "I think I'm well; at least I feel well"
fit - physically and mentally sound or healthy; "felt relaxed and fit after their holiday"; "keeps fit with diet and exercise"
healthy - having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease; "a rosy healthy baby"; "staying fit and healthy"
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"
2.well - resulting favorably; "it's a good thing that I wasn't there"; "it is good that you stayed"; "it is well that no one saw you"; "all's well that ends well"
fortunate - having unexpected good fortune; "other, less fortunate, children died"; "a fortunate choice"
3.well - wise or advantageous and hence advisable; "it would be well to start early"
advisable - worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent or wise; "such action is neither necessary nor advisable"; "extreme caution is advisable"; "it is advisable to telephone first"
Adv.1.well - (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well'); "the children behaved well"; "a task well done"; "the party went well"; "he slept well"; "a well-argued thesis"; "a well-seasoned dish"; "a well-planned party"; "the baby can walk pretty good"
combining form - a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
ill, poorly, badly - (`ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not well; "he was ill prepared"; "it ill befits a man to betray old friends"; "the car runs badly"; "he performed badly on the exam"; "the team played poorly"; "ill-fitting clothes"; "an ill-conceived plan"
2.well - thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form; "The problem is well understood"; "she was well informed"; "shake well before using"; "in order to avoid food poisoning be sure the meat is well cooked"; "well-done beef", "well-satisfied customers"; "well-educated"
3.well - indicating high probability; in all likelihood; "I might well do it"; "a mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"; "you may well need your umbrella"; "he could equally well be trying to deceive us"
4.well - (used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully; "a book well worth reading"; "was well aware of the difficulties ahead"; "suspected only too well what might be going on"
intensifier, intensive - a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies; "`up' in `finished up' is an intensifier"; "`honestly' in `I honestly don't know' is an intensifier"
5.well - to a suitable or appropriate extent or degree; "the project was well underway"; "the fetus has well developed organs"; "his father was well pleased with his grades"
6.well - favorably; with approval; "their neighbors spoke well of them"; "he thought well of the book"
ill, badly - unfavorably or with disapproval; "tried not to speak ill of the dead"; "thought badly of him for his lack of concern"
7.well - to a great extent or degree; "I'm afraid the film was well over budget"; "painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger"; "the house has fallen considerably in value"; "the price went up substantially"
8.well - with great or especially intimate knowledge; "we knew them well"
9.well - with prudence or propriety; "You would do well to say nothing more"; "could not well refuse"
10.well - with skill or in a pleasing manner; "she dances well"; "he writes well"
badly - without skill or in a displeasing manner; "she writes badly"; "I think he paints very badly"
11.well - in a manner affording benefit or advantagewell - in a manner affording benefit or advantage; "she married well"; "The children were settled advantageously in Seattle"
disadvantageously, badly - in a disadvantageous way; to someone's disadvantage; "the venture turned out badly for the investors"; "angry that the case was settled disadvantageously for them"
12.well - in financial comfortwell - in financial comfort; "They live well"; "she has been able to live comfortably since her husband died"
13.well - without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor; "took the joke well"; "took the tragic news well"
badly - with unusual distress or resentment or regret or emotional display; "they took their defeat badly"; "took her father's death badly"; "conducted himself very badly at the time of the earthquake"
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2. satisfactorily, nicely, smoothly, successfully, capitally, pleasantly, happily, famously (informal), splendidly, agreeably, like nobody's business (informal), in a satisfactory manner I thought the interview went very well.
satisfactorily badly, wrongly, poorly, inadequately
3. thoroughly, completely, fully, carefully, effectively, efficiently, rigorously Mix all the ingredients well.
4. intimately, closely, completely, deeply, fully, personally, profoundly How well do you know him?
intimately somewhat, slightly, vaguely
6. favourably, highly, kindly, warmly, enthusiastically, graciously, approvingly, admiringly, with admiration, appreciatively, with praise, glowingly, with approbation He speaks very well of you.
favourably unfavourably, coldly, unkindly, disapprovingly, unsympathetically, gracelessly
7. considerably, easily, very much, significantly, substantially, markedly Franklin did not turn up until well after midnight.
9. possibly, probably, certainly, reasonably, conceivably, justifiably The murderer may well be someone who was close to the victim.
11. prosperously, comfortably, splendidly, in comfort, in (the lap of) luxury, flourishingly, without hardship We manage to live very well on our combined salaries.
12. harmoniously, nicely, pleasantly, happily, politely, famously (informal), amicably, amiably, agreeably, peaceably, genially, like a house on fire (informal) Her friends all get on well together.
2. satisfactory, good, right, fine, happy, fitting, pleasing, bright, useful, lucky, proper, thriving, flourishing, profitable, fortunate He was satisfied that all was well.
satisfactory wrong, unsuccessful, unsatisfactory, going badly
3. advisable, useful, proper, prudent, agreeable It would be well to check the facts before you speak out.
advisable inadvisable, unfitting, improper
as well also, too, in addition, moreover, besides, to boot, into the bargain I like the job, and the people I work with are very nice as well.
as well as including, along with, in addition to, not to mention, at the same time as, over and above food and other goods, as well as energy supplies such as gas and oil


1. hole, bore, pit, shaft the cost of drilling an oil well
2. waterhole, source, spring, pool, fountain, fount I had to fetch water from the well.
3. source, fund, mine, treasury, reservoir, storehouse, repository, fount, wellspring a man with a well of experience and insight
1. flow, trickle, seep, run, issue, spring, pour, jet, burst, stream, surge, discharge, trickle, gush, ooze, seep, exude, spurt, spout Blood welled from a gash in his thigh.
2. rise, increase, grow, mount, surge, swell, intensify He could feel the anger welling inside him.
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well 1

To come forth or emit in abundance:

well 2

2. To a considerable extent:
Idioms: by a long shot, by a wide margin, by far.
1. Having good health:
Idioms: fit as a fiddle, hale and hearty, in fine fettle.
2. Worth doing, especially for practical reasons:
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بِئْربِالإضَافَةِ إِلَىبصِحَّةٍ جَيِّدَهبصورةٍ جَيِّدَه، مادِحابصورةٍ جيِّدَه، ناجِحَه
borholaborhola; brunnurbrunnurflæîa, renna, streymafrískur, hraustur
akaasaras saskrēja acīsatzinīgiIr nu gan!izšļākties
dobrenostudňav dobrovytrysknúť
ดี สุขสบายบ่อ เช่น บ่อแร่ บ่อน้ำมัน บ่อน้ำอย่างชำนาญ
kuyuiyiiyi biçimdeiyicelehinde
giếngkhỏe mạnhtốt


1 [wel]
A. N
1. (= bore) (for water) → pozo m, fuente f; (for oil) → pozo m
to sink a wellperforar un pozo
2. [of stairs] → hueco m, caja f
3. (in auditorium) → estrado m
B. VI (also well out, well up) → brotar, manar


2 [wel] (better (compar) (best (superl)))
1. (= in a good manner) → bien
I remember it welllo recuerdo bien
I know the place wellconozco bien el lugar
(and) well I know it!¡(y) bien que lo sé!
to eat/live wellcomer/vivir bien
he sings as well as she doescanta tan bien como ella
as well as he couldlo mejor que pudo
to do well at schoolsacar buenas notas en el colegio
to do well in an examsacar buena nota en un examen
the patient is doing wellel paciente evoluciona bien
you would do well to think seriously about our offerle convendría considerar seriamente nuestra oferta
you did well to come at oncehizo bien en venir enseguida
well done!¡bien hecho!
to go wellir bien
everything is going welltodo va bien
well and goodmuy bien
well played! (Sport) → ¡bien hecho!
to speak well of sbhablar bien de algn
to think well of sbtener una buena opinión de algn
he is well thought of hereaquí se le estima mucho
2. (= thoroughly, considerably)
it was well deservedestuvo bien merecido
he's well away (= drunk) → está borracho perdido
to be well in with sbllevarse muy bien con algn
it continued well into 1996siguió hasta bien entrado 1996
he is well over or past fiftytiene cincuenta y muchos años
well over a thousandmuchos más de mil, los mil bien pasados
it's well past ten o'clockson las diez y mucho
she knows you too well to think thatte conoce demasiado bien para pensar eso de ti
she loved him too welllo quería demasiado
as we know all or only too wellcomo sabemos perfectamente
well and truly (esp Brit) → de verdad, realmente
we got well and truly wetnos mojamos de verdad
to wish sb welldesear todo lo mejor a algn
it was well worth the troublerealmente valió la pena
2.2. well dodgy/annoyedbien chungo/enfadado
3. (= probably, reasonably) you may well be surprised to learn thatpuede que te sorprenda mucho saber que ...
it may well be thates muy posible que + subjun
they may well be lyinges muy posible que mientan
we may as well begin nowya podemos empezar, ¿no?
you might as well tell me the truthmás valdría decirme la verdad
"shall I go?" - "you may or might as well""¿voy?" - "por qué no"
we might (just) as well have stayed at homepara lo que hemos hecho, nos podíamos haber quedado en casa
she cried, as well she mightlloró, y con razón
you may well ask!¡buena pregunta!
I couldn't very well leaveme resultaba imposible marcharme
4. (in set expressions)
as well (= in addition) → también
I'll take those as wellme llevo esos también
and it rained as well!¡y además llovió!
by night as well as by daytanto de noche como de día
as well as his dog he has two rabbitsademás de un perro tiene dos conejos
I had Paul with me as well as LucyPaul estaba conmigo, así como Lucy or además de Lucy
could you manage to eat mine as well as yours?¿podrías comerte el mío y el tuyo?
all sorts of people, rich as well as poorgente de toda clase, tanto rica como pobre
to leave well alone my advice is to leave well alonete aconsejo que no te metas
this sort of wound is best left well alonelo mejor es ni tocar este tipo de herida
1. (= healthy) → bien
I'm very well thank youestoy muy bien, gracias
I hope you're wellespero que te encuentres bien
are you well?¿qué tal estás?
she's not been well latelyrecientemente ha estado algo indispuesta
to get wellmejorarse
get well soon!¡que te mejores!
2. (= acceptable, satisfactory) → bien
that's all very well, buttodo eso está muy bien, pero ...
it or we would be well to start earlymejor si salimos temprano
it would be as well to askmás vale or valdría preguntar
it's as well not to offend hermás te vale no ofenderla
it would be just as well for you to staymejor si te quedas
it's well for you that nobody saw youmenos mal que nadie te vio
it's just as well we askedmenos mal que preguntamos
all's well that ends wellbien está lo que bien acaba
1. (introducing topic, resuming) → bueno
well, it was like thisbueno, pues así ocurrió
well, as I was sayingbueno, como iba diciendo
well, that's that!¡bueno, asunto concluido!
2. (expressing resignation) well, if we must go, let's get goingbueno, si nos tenemos que ir, vayámonos
well then?¿y qué?
3. (concessive, dismissive) → pues
well, if you're worried, why don't you call her?pues si estás tan preocupada ¿por qué no la llamas?
well, I think she's a foolpues yo pienso que es tonta
4. (expressing relief) well, thank goodness for that!(pues) ¡gracias a Dios!
5. (expressing surprise) → ¡vaya!
well, what do you know!¡anda, quién lo diría!
well, who would have thought it!¡anda, quién lo diría!
well, well!¡vaya, vaya!
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npuits m
(= successfully, to a high standard) → bien
You did that really well → Tu as très bien fait ça.
to do well → bien s'en sortir
She's doing really well at school → Elle s'en sort vraiment bien à l'école.
He did as well as he could
BUT Il a fait du mieux qu'il pouvait.
to pay well [job] → bien payer
well done! → bravo!
(= thoroughly, completely) → bien
Mix all the ingredients well → Mélangez bien tous les ingrédients.
Wash your hands well with soap → Lavez-vous bien les mains, avec du savon.
How well do you remember your mother, Franzi? → Tu te souviens bien de ta mère, Franzi?
to know sb well → bien connaître qn
How well do you know him? → Vous le connaissez bien?
well done [meat]
BUT bien cuit.(e)
Do you prefer your steak rare, medium or well done? → Vous préférez votre steak saignant, à point ou bien cuit?
(= highly) to think well of sb → penser beaucoup de bien de qn
to speak well of sb → dire du bien de qn
as well (= in addition) → aussi, également
We worked hard, but we had some fun as well → Nous avons travaillé dur, mais nous nous sommes bien amusés aussi.
as well as → ainsi que
We went to Chartres as well as Paris → Nous sommes allés à Paris ainsi qu'à Chartres.
It has symbolic as well as economic significance
BUT Cela a une signification à la fois symbolique et économique.
(as intensifier) to be well worth doing → valoir vraiment la peine d'être fait
The film is well worth seeing → Le film vaut vraiment la peine d'être vu.
well before sth → bien avant qch
well after sth → bien après qch
to be well aware of sth → être bien conscient(e) de qch
sb might as well do sth, sb may as well do sth → qn ferait aussi bien de faire qch
You might as well tell me → Tu ferais aussi bien de me le dire.
sb would do well to do sth → qn ferait bien de faire qch
sb may well do sth, sb could well do sth (= it's quite likely) → qn pourrait bien faire qch
You may well be right → Vous pourriez bien avoir raison.
it's just as well → c'est aussi bien
It was just as well she wasn't there → C'était aussi bien qu'elle ne soit pas là.
well and truly → bel et bien
The war is well and truly over → La guerre est bel et bien finie.
well and good, all well and good
This is all well and good, but → Tout cela est bien beau mais ...
If they arrive before I leave, well and good → S'ils arrivent avant que je parte, très bien.
to be well → aller bien
I'm not very well at the moment → Je ne vais pas très bien en ce moment.
to feel well → se sentir bien
I don't feel well → je ne me sens pas bien
get well soon! → remets-toi vite!
(introducing comment, new subject)bon
Well, as I was saying → Bon, comme je le disais ...
(correcting yourself)enfin
It's enormous! Well, quite big anyway → C'est énorme! Enfin, c'est assez grand.
(expressing polite doubt, criticism)eh bien
(expressing surprise, anger)eh bien
oh well (expressing resignation)bon
[tears] → monter (aux yeux)
Tears welled in her eyes → Les larmes lui montaient aux yeux.
[emotion] → envahir
Gratitude welled in her → La gratitude l'envahissait.
well up
[tears] → monter (aux yeux)
Happiness welled up inside me → Le bonheur m'envahit.
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in cpdsgut;
adj attr, well adjusted
adj pred (Psych) → gut angepasst
adj attr, well advised
adj pred plan, moveklug; to be well advised to …wohl or gut beraten sein zu …, gut daran tun, zu …
adj attr, well aimed
adj pred shot, blow, sarcasmgut gezielt, wohlgezielt
adj attr, well appointed
adj predgut ausgestattet
adj attr, well argued
adj predwohlbegründet, gut begründet
adj attr, well assorted
adj predgut zusammenpassend; they’re a well pairsie passen gut zusammen or zueinander
adj attr, well attended
adj predgut besucht
well-baby clinic
nNeugeborenenklinik f
adj attr, well balanced
adj pred
person, mindausgeglichen
budget, diet(gut) ausgewogen
adj attr, well behaved
adj pred childartig, wohlerzogen; animalgut erzogen
nWohl nt, → Wohlergehen nt; to have a sense of well (→ ein Gefühl ntder) → Behaglichkeit or Wohligkeit empfinden
adj attr, well born
adj predaus vornehmer Familie, aus vornehmem Haus
adj attr, well bred
adj pred
(= polite) personwohlerzogen; mannersvornehm, gepflegt; accentdistinguiert
(= of good stock) animalaus guter Zucht; (iro) personaus gutem Stall
adj attr, well built
adj pred housegut or solide gebaut; personstämmig, kräftig
adj attr, well chosen
adj pred remarks, wordsgut or glücklich gewählt; in a few well wordsin wenigen wohlgesetzten Worten
adj attr, well connected
adj pred to be well connectedBeziehungen zu or in höheren Kreisen haben
adj attr, well cooked
adj predgut zubereitet; (= well-done) meatgut durchgebraten
adj attr, well defined
adj pred
problemklar umrissen; goalsklar
eyebrows, cheekbonesmarkant; musclesausgeprägt
adj attr, well deserved
adj predwohlverdient
adj attr, well developed
adj pred musclegut entwickelt; sense(gut) ausgeprägt; systemausgereift; market, industrygut entwickelt
adj attr, well disposed
adj pred to be well disposed toward(s) somebody/somethingjdm/einer Sache gewogen sein or freundlich gesonnen sein
adj attr, well done
adj pred steakdurchgebraten, durch inv
adj attr, well dressed
adj predgut angezogen or gekleidet
adj attr, well earned
adj predwohlverdient
adj attr, well educated
adj pred persongebildet; voice(gut) ausgebildet
adj attr, well endowed
adj pred (euph) to be well endowedvon Natur aus gut or reichlich ausgestattet sein
adj attr, well equipped
adj pred office, studiogut ausgestattet; expedition, armygut ausgerüstet
adj attr, well established
adj pred practice, customfest; pattern alsoklar; traditionalt; familyalteingesessen; reputationgut; company, player, writer, artistbekannt; it’s a well fact that …es ist eine bekannte Tatsache, dass …
adj attr, well favoured
adj pred (old) girl, familyansehnlich (old)
adj attr, well fed
adj predwohlgenährt, gut genährt
adj attr, well founded
adj predwohlbegründet; the warnings proved (to be) well foundeddie Warnungen erwiesen sich als begründet
adj attr, well groomed
adj predgepflegt
adj attr, well grown
adj pred animal, childgroß (gewachsen)


adj attr, well heeled
adj pred (Brit inf) → betucht (inf)
adj attr, well hung
adj pred meatabgehangen; (inf) mangut ausgestattet; he’s weller hat ein großes Gehänge (inf)or eine Mördergurke (sl)
adj attr, well informed
adj predgut informiert; sources alsowohlunterrichtet; to be well informed about somebody/somethingüber jdn/etw gut informiert or gut unterrichtet sein


adj attr, well intentioned
adj predwohlmeinend
adj attr, well kept
adj pred garden, hair etcgepflegt; secretstreng gehütet, gut gewahrt
adj attr, well knit
adj pred bodydrahtig, straff; (fig)gut durchdacht or aufgebaut
adj attr, well known
adj pred place, singerbekannt; fact alsowohlbekannt, altbekannt; it’s well known that …es ist allgemein bekannt, dass …; to be well known for somethingfür etw bekannt sein; to be well known to somebodyjdm bekannt sein
adj attr, well loved
adj predviel geliebt
adj attr, well made
adj pred
piece of furniture etcgut gearbeitet
persongut gebaut
well-man clinic
nMännerklinik f
adj attr, well mannered
adj predmit guten Manieren; to be well manneredgute Manieren haben
adj attr, well matched
adj pred teamsgleich stark; they’re a well pairsie passen gut zusammen
adj attr
well meaning
adj predwohlmeinend
adj attr, well meant
adj pred action, liegut gemeint
adv (form)nahezu, beinahe, nachgerade (geh); this is well impossibledas ist nahezu or beinahe unmöglich
adj attr, well off
adj pred (= affluent)reich, begütert, gut d(a)ran (inf); to be well off (= fortunate)gut daran sein; you don’t know when you’re well off (inf)du weißt (ja) nicht, wenn es dir gut geht
n the well pldie Begüterten pl;
adj attr, well oiled
adj pred (inf: = drunk) → beduselt (inf)
adj attr, well padded
adj pred (inf: = not thin) → gut gepolstert (inf)
adj attr, well paid
adj predgut bezahlt
adj attr, well preserved
adj predgut erhalten; person alsowohlerhalten
adj attr, well read
adj predbelesen
adj attr, well respected
adj predhoch angesehen
adj attr, well spent
adj pred timegut genützt or verbracht; moneysinnvoll or vernünftig ausgegeben or verwendet
adj attr, well spoken
adj predmit gutem Deutsch/Englisch etc; to be well spokengutes Deutsch/Englisch etc sprechen
adj attr, well stacked
adj pred (inf) woman to be well stackedHolz vor der Hütte haben (inf)
adj attr, well stocked
adj predgut bestückt; (Comm also) → mit gutem Sortiment; larder, shelves alsogut gefüllt, reichlich gefüllt; library alsoreichhaltig, umfangreich
adj bookzerlesen, zerfleddert (inf)
adj attr, well timed
adj pred(zeitlich) gut abgepasst, zeitlich günstig; that was a well interruptiondie Unterbrechung kam im richtigen Augenblick
adjwohlhabend, reich; district alsovornehm
n the well pldie Begüterten pl
adj attr, well tried
adj pred method etcerprobt
adj attr, well trodden
adj pred (lit)viel begangen; a well path (fig)eine beliebte Methode
well water
nBrunnenwasser nt
n cards from wellsKarten von Leuten, die ihm/ihr etc alles Gute wünschten; our cause has many wellsunsere Sache hat viele Sympathisanten; “from a well„jemand, der es gut mit Ihnen meint
well-woman clinic
nFrauenklinik f
adj attr, well worn
adj pred garmentabgetragen; carpet etcabgelaufen; bookabgenützt, abgegriffen; pathausgetreten; saying, subject etcabgedroschen


(= water well)Brunnen m; (= oil well)Ölquelle f; (drilled) → Bohrloch nt; (fig: = source) → Quelle f; to sink a welleinen Brunnen bohren or anlegen or graben; (for oil) → ein Bohrloch ntanlegen or vorantreiben
(= shaft) (for lift) → Schacht m; (for stairs) → Treppenschacht m; (down centre of staircase) → Treppenhaus nt
(of theatre)Parkett nt; (of auditorium) ebenerdiger Teil des Zuschauer-/Konferenz-/Versammlungsraums (Brit: of court) Teil des Gerichtssaals, in dem die Rechtsanwälte und Protokollschreiber sitzen
(= ink well)Tintenfass nt
viquellen; tears welled in her eyesTränen stiegen or schossen ihr in die Augen


2 comp <better>, superl <best>
(= in a good or satisfactory manner)gut; the child speaks well (= is well-spoken)das Kind spricht ordentlich Deutsch/Englisch etc or gutes Deutsch/Englisch etc; it is well painted (portrait) → es ist gut gemalt; (house, fence) → es ist sauber or ordentlich angestrichen; he did it as well as he could/as I could have doneer machte es so gut er konnte/ebenso gut, wie ich es hätte machen können; he’s doing well at school/in historyer ist gut or er kommt gut voran in der Schule/in Geschichte; he did well in the history examer hat in der Geschichtsprüfung gut abgeschnitten; for an eight-year-old he did very wellfür einen Achtjährigen hat er seine Sache sehr gut gemacht; his business is doing wellsein Geschäft geht gut; mother and child are/the patient is doing wellMutter und Kind/dem Patienten geht es gut, Mutter und Kind sind/der Patient ist wohlauf; he did quite well at improving saleser war recht erfolgreich in der Erhöhung des Absatzes; if you do well you’ll be promotedwenn Sie sich bewähren, werden Sie befördert; you did well to helpdu tatest gut daran zu helfen, es war gut, dass du geholfen hast; well done!gut gemacht!, bravo!, sehr gut!; well played!gut gespielt!; to do oneself well (inf)es sich (dat)gut gehen lassen; to do well by somebody (inf)jdm gegenüber or zu jdm großzügig sein; everything went well/quite welles ging alles gut or glatt (inf)/recht or ganz gut
(= favourably, fortunately)gut; to speak/think well of somebodyüber jdn Gutes sagen/Positives denken, von jdm positiv sprechen/denken; to be well spoken of in certain circles/by one’s colleagueseinen guten Ruf in gewissen Kreisen/bei seinen Kollegen haben; to stand well with somebodybei jdm angesehen sein; to be well in with somebody (inf)auf gutem Fuß mit jdm stehen; to marry welleine gute Partie machen; to do well out of somethingvon etw ganz schön or ordentlich profitieren, bei etw gut wegkommen (inf); you would do well to arrive earlySie täten gut daran, früh zu kommen; you might as well godu könntest eigentlich geradeso gut or ebenso gut (auch) gehen; are you coming? — I might as wellkommst du? — ach, könnte ich eigentlich (auch) (inf)or ach, warum nicht
(= thoroughly, considerably, to a great degree)gut, gründlich; shake the bottle well (on medicine) → Flasche kräftig or gut schütteln; he loved her too well to leave her (liter)er liebte sie zu sehr, als dass er sie verlassen hätte; we were well beatenwir sind gründlich geschlagen worden; he could well afford iter konnte es sich (dat)sehr wohl leisten; I’m well content with my lotich bin wohl zufrieden mit meinem Schicksal; all or only too wellnur (all)zu gut; well and truly(ganz) gründlich; married, settled inganz richtig; (iro also)fest; westernized, conditioneddurch und durch; he was well away (inf)er war in Fahrt or Schwung (inf); (= drunk)er hatte einen sitzen (inf); he sat well forward in his seater saß weit vorne auf seinem Sitz; it was well worth the troubledas hat sich wohl or sehr gelohnt; well out of sightweit außer Sichtweite; well within …durchaus in … (dat); well past midnightlange nach Mitternacht; it continued well into 1996/the nightes zog sich bis weit ins Jahr 1996/in die Nacht hin; he’s well over fiftyer ist weit über fünfzig
(= probably, reasonably)ohne Weiteres, gut, wohl; I may well be latees kann leicht or wohl or ohne Weiteres sein, dass ich spät komme; it may well be that …es ist gut or wohl or ohne Weiteres möglich, dass …; you may well be rightSie mögen wohl recht haben; she cried, as well she mightsie weinte, und das (auch) mit Grund or wozu sie auch allen Grund hatte; you may well ask! (iro)das kann man wohl fragen; I couldn’t very well stayich konnte schlecht bleiben, ich konnte wohl nicht mehr gut bleiben
(= in addition) as wellauch; if he comes as wellwenn er auch kommt; x as well as yx sowohl als auch y, x und auch y; she sings as well as dancessie singt und tanzt auch noch
(Brit inf: = very) well happytotal glücklich (inf); well annoyedganz schön verärgert (inf)
(= in good health)gesund; get well soon!gute Besserung; are you well?geht es Ihnen gut?; I’m very well, thanksdanke, es geht mir sehr gut; he’s not a well maner ist gar nicht gesund; she’s not been well latelyihr ging es in letzter Zeit (gesundheitlich) gar nicht gut; I don’t feel at all wellich fühle mich gar nicht gut or wohl
(= satisfactory, desirable, advantageous)gut; all is not well with him/in the worldmit ihm/mit or in der Welt steht es nicht zum Besten; that’s all very well, but …das ist ja alles schön und gut, aber …; if that’s the case, (all) well and goodwenn das der Fall ist, dann soll es mir recht sein; it’s all very well for you to suggest …Sie können leicht vorschlagen; it’s all very well for you, you don’t have to …Sie haben gut reden or Sie können leicht reden, Sie müssen ja nicht; it was well for him that no-one found outes war sein Glück, dass es niemand entdeckt hat; it would be as well to ask firstes wäre wohl besser or gescheiter (inf), → sich erst mal zu erkundigen; it’s just as well he camees ist (nur or schon) gut, dass er gekommen ist; you’re well out of thatseien Sie froh, dass Sie damit nichts mehr zu tun haben; all’s well that ends wellEnde gut, alles gut
interjalso; (expectantly also) → na; (doubtfully) → na ja; well, well!, well I never (did)!also, so was!, na so was!; well nowalso; well, it was like thisalso, es war so or folgendermaßen; well there you are, that proves it!na bitte or also bitte, das beweist es doch; well, as I was sayingalso, wie (bereits) gesagt; well then?also (gut); (in question) → na?, nun?, also?; very well then!na gut, also gut!; (indignantly) → also bitte (sehr)!; oh well, never mindmacht nichts; well, that’s a relief!na (also), das ist ja eine Erleichterung!
nGute(s) nt; to wish somebody well (in general) → jdm alles Gute wünschen; (in an attempt, also iro) → jdm Glück wünschen (in bei); I wish him well, but …ich wünsche ihm nichts Böses, aber …
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1 [wɛl]
1. n (for water) → pozzo; (of stairs) → tromba; (of lift) → gabbia
2. vi (tears, emotions) → sgorgare
well up vi + adv (tears, emotions) → sgorgare


2 [wɛl] (better (comp) (best (superl)))
1. adv
a. (gen) → bene
very well → benissimo
she plays the flute very well → suona molto bene il flauto
he did as well as he could → ha fatto come meglio poteva
to do well (in sth) → andare bene (in qc)
to be doing well → stare bene
you did well to come → hai fatto bene a venire
he did well to come tenth → anche arrivare decimo è stato per lui un buon risultato
well done! → ben fatto!, bravo/a!
to think well of sb → avere una buona opinione di qn
to be well in with sb → essere in buoni rapporti con qn
to do well by sb → trattare bene qn
it was well worth it → ne valeva certo la pena
you're well out of it → è un bene che tu ne sia uscito
well and truly → completamente
well over a thousand → molto or ben più di mille
all or only too well → anche troppo bene
and well I know it! → è proprio vero!
he's well away (fam) (drunk) → è completamente andato
b. (probably, reasonably) we might just as well have ...tanto valeva...
she cried, as well she might → piangeva a buon diritto
one might well ask why ... → ci si potrebbe ben chiedere perché...
you may well ask! → buona domanda!
you might as well tell me → potresti anche dirmelo
I might or may as well come → quasi quasi vengo
I couldn't very well leave → non potevo andarmene così
c. as well (in addition) → anche
she sings, as well as playing the piano → oltre a suonare il piano, canta
X as well as Y → sia X che Y
2. adj
a. (healthy) to be wellstare bene
get well soon! → guarisci presto!
I don't feel well → non mi sento bene
b. (acceptable, satisfactory) → buono/a
all is not well → non va tutto bene
that's all very well, but ... → va benissimo, ma..., d'accordo, ma...
well and good → bene
it would be as well to ask → sarebbe bene chiedere
it's just as well we asked → abbiamo fatto bene a chiedere
3. excl (gen) → bene; (resignation, hesitation) → beh
well, as I was saying ... → dunque, come stavo dicendo...
well, well, well! → ma guarda un po'!
very well then → va bene, molto bene
very well, if that's the way you want it (unenthusiastic) → va bene, se questo è quello che vuoi
well I never! → ma no!, ma non mi dire!
well there you are then! → ecco, hai visto!
4. n to wish sb wellaugurare ogni bene a qn; (in exam, new job) → augurare a qn di riuscire
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(wel) noun
1. a lined shaft made in the earth from which to obtain water, oil, natural gas etc.
2. the space round which a staircase winds. He fell down the stair-well.
(of water from the earth or of tears) to flow freely. Tears welled up in her eyes.


(wel) comparative better (ˈbetə) : superlative best (best) adjective
1. healthy. I don't feel very / at all well; She doesn't look very well; She's been ill but she's quite well now.
2. in a satisfactory state or condition. All is well now.
1. in a good, correct, successful, suitable etc way. He's done well to become a millionaire at thirty; She plays the piano well; Mother and baby are both doing well; How well did he do in the exam?
2. with good reason; with justice. You may well look ashamed – that was a cruel thing to do; You can't very well refuse to go.
3. with approval or praise. He speaks well of you.
4. used (with eg damn, ~jolly etc) for emphasis. You can jolly well do it yourself!
5. thoroughly. Examine the car well before you buy it.
6. to a great or considerable extent. He is well over fifty.
1. used to express surprise etc. Well! I'd never have believed it!
2. used when re-starting a conversation, starting an explanation etc. Do you remember John Watson? Well, he's become a teacher.
1. in a good, satisfactory etc way etc, as in well-behaved.
2. very much, as in well-known.
ˌwell-beˈhaved adjective
behaving correctly. well-behaved children.
ˌwell-ˈbeing noun
welfare. She is always very concerned about her mother's well-being.
ˌwell-ˈbred adjective
(of a person) having good manners.
ˌwell-ˈbuilt adjective
muscular; having a strong, handsome figure.
ˌwell-ˈdone adjective
(of meat) cooked until there is no blood in it; (of food) cooked for a long time.
ˌwell-ˈearned adjective
thoroughly deserved. a well-earned rest.
ˌwell-ˈeducated adjective
educated to a good standard.
ˌwell-ˈfed adjective
correctly and sufficiently fed.
ˌwell-ˈgroomed adjective
of smart, tidy appearance.
ˌwell-inˈformed adjective
having or showing a thorough knowledge. a well-informed person/essay.
ˌwell-ˈknown adjective
familiar or famous. a well-known TV personality.
ˌwell-ˈmade adjective
a well-made table.
ˌwell-ˈmannered adjective
ˌwell-ˈoff adjective
1. rich. He is very well-off; a well-off young lady.
2. fortunate. You do not know when you are well off.
ˌwell-ˈread (-ˈred) adjective
having read many books etc; intelligent.
ˌwell-ˈspoken adjective
(of a person) speaking with a pleasing voice, in a grammatically correct way etc.
ˌwell-to-ˈdo adjective
having enough money to live comfortably.
ˌwell-wisher noun
a person who wishes one success etc.
as well
in addition; too. If you will go, I'll go as well.
as well as
in addition to. She works in a restaurant in the evenings as well as doing a full-time job during the day.
be just as well
to be fortunate; to be no cause for regret. It's just as well (that) you didn't go – the meeting was cancelled.
be as well to
to be advisable or sensible. It would be as well to go by train – the roads are flooded.
very well
fine, okay. Have you finished? Very well, you may go now.
well done!
used in congratulating a person. I hear you won the competition. Well done!
well enough
fairly, but not particularly, well.
well up in
knowing a great deal about. He's very well up in financial matters.
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بِئْر, بِالإضَافَةِ إِلَى, عَلَى ما يُرَام dobře, studna, zdravý brønd, godt, rask Brunnen, gut καλώς, πηγάδι, υγιής bien, pozo, sano hyvin, kaivo, terve bien, puits dobro, izvor, zdrav bene, pozzo 井戸, 申し分ない, 申し分なく 건강한, 우물, 잘 goed, op de juiste manier, put brønn, godt, vel dobry, dobrze, studnia bem, poço колодец, хороший, хорошо bra, brunn, väl ดี สุขสบาย, บ่อ เช่น บ่อแร่ บ่อน้ำมัน บ่อน้ำ, อย่างชำนาญ iyi, kuyu, pekala giếng, khỏe mạnh, tốt , 健康的, 唔,这个,噢
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a. bueno-a; en buena salud;
adv. bien, favorablemente, felizmente;
all is ___todo va bien.
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adj & adv (comp better; super best) bien; to get — recuperarse, mejorarse, curarse
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Cavendish," said Poirot gravely, "that you would do well not to buoy yourself up with any false hopes.
The time was barely 10 o'clock at night, but chilly gusts of wind with a taste of rain in them had well nigh depeopled the streets.
Well, well, you need not be downcast; for between ourselves I don't think that either Inspector Mac or the excellent local practitioner has grasped the overwhelming importance of this incident.
"Well now, well, what's your own theory?" Katavasov said to Levin with a smile, distinctly challenging him to a discussion.
I wasted some time in futile questionings, conveyed, as well as I was able, to such of the little people as came by.
It is perhaps well to tell a little something about this obscure document, which, in the main, is of interest to the historian only.
He asked the girl whether she knew Florence well, and was informed at some length that she had never been there before.
Once in a while we sat together on the pond, he at one end of the boat, and I at the other; but not many words passed between us, for he had grown deaf in his later years, but he occasionally hummed a psalm, which harmonized well enough with my philosophy.
I wish we could find the dark well without so much trouble."
"Oh, well," he said, with easy masculine tolerance, "so long as you enjoy it.
My master knew very little about horses, but he treated me well, and I should have had a good and easy place but for circumstances of which he was ignorant.
Life is a well of delight; but where the rabble also drink, there all fountains are poisoned.