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Adj.1.well-bound - (of books) having a sturdy and attractive binding
bound - secured with a cover or binding; often used as a combining form; "bound volumes"; "leather-bound volumes"
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The essays conclusively demonstrate how much both the Europeans and the Ottomans borrowed from each other--of course at the socio-economic level that appreciated well-bound books and historiography, music and painting and expensive textile.
Although physical books have fought to stay alive amid the rising popularity of e-books, there is an irreplaceable feeling in opening a well-bound book and paging through text on well-printed paper -- something that technology can't touch.
Key in your credit card details and a couple of dozen decently printed and well-bound copies will arrive at your house by mail.
These well-bound hardcover books can be read again and again to small children from age 2 to kindergarten.
What we believe to be true is if we have a significant number of people who felt like they participated in the process that will perpetuate itself much better than any report, no matter how glossy and colorful and well-bound it may be.
Continuing the tradition of well-bound books with a durable yet colourful cover, Best Garden Plants for Alberta (D.