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Cooked all the way through: a well-done steak.
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adj (well done when postpositive)
1. (Cookery) (of food, esp meat) cooked thoroughly
2. made or accomplished satisfactorily
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1. performed accurately and diligently; executed with skill and efficiency.
2. (of meat) thoroughly cooked, esp. until all redness is gone.
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Adj.1.well-done - (meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside
cooked - having been prepared for eating by the application of heat
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(wel) comparative better (ˈbetə) : superlative best (best) adjective
1. healthy. I don't feel very / at all well; She doesn't look very well; She's been ill but she's quite well now.
2. in a satisfactory state or condition. All is well now.
1. in a good, correct, successful, suitable etc way. He's done well to become a millionaire at thirty; She plays the piano well; Mother and baby are both doing well; How well did he do in the exam?
2. with good reason; with justice. You may well look ashamed – that was a cruel thing to do; You can't very well refuse to go.
3. with approval or praise. He speaks well of you.
4. used (with eg damn, ~jolly etc) for emphasis. You can jolly well do it yourself!
5. thoroughly. Examine the car well before you buy it.
6. to a great or considerable extent. He is well over fifty.
1. used to express surprise etc. Well! I'd never have believed it!
2. used when re-starting a conversation, starting an explanation etc. Do you remember John Watson? Well, he's become a teacher.
1. in a good, satisfactory etc way etc, as in well-behaved.
2. very much, as in well-known.
ˌwell-beˈhaved adjective
behaving correctly. well-behaved children.
ˌwell-ˈbeing noun
welfare. She is always very concerned about her mother's well-being.
ˌwell-ˈbred adjective
(of a person) having good manners.
ˌwell-ˈbuilt adjective
muscular; having a strong, handsome figure.
ˌwell-ˈdone adjective
(of meat) cooked until there is no blood in it; (of food) cooked for a long time.
ˌwell-ˈearned adjective
thoroughly deserved. a well-earned rest.
ˌwell-ˈeducated adjective
educated to a good standard.
ˌwell-ˈfed adjective
correctly and sufficiently fed.
ˌwell-ˈgroomed adjective
of smart, tidy appearance.
ˌwell-inˈformed adjective
having or showing a thorough knowledge. a well-informed person/essay.
ˌwell-ˈknown adjective
familiar or famous. a well-known TV personality.
ˌwell-ˈmade adjective
a well-made table.
ˌwell-ˈmannered adjective
ˌwell-ˈoff adjective
1. rich. He is very well-off; a well-off young lady.
2. fortunate. You do not know when you are well off.
ˌwell-ˈread (-ˈred) adjective
having read many books etc; intelligent.
ˌwell-ˈspoken adjective
(of a person) speaking with a pleasing voice, in a grammatically correct way etc.
ˌwell-to-ˈdo adjective
having enough money to live comfortably.
ˌwell-wisher noun
a person who wishes one success etc.
as well
in addition; too. If you will go, I'll go as well.
as well as
in addition to. She works in a restaurant in the evenings as well as doing a full-time job during the day.
be just as well
to be fortunate; to be no cause for regret. It's just as well (that) you didn't go – the meeting was cancelled.
be as well to
to be advisable or sensible. It would be as well to go by train – the roads are flooded.
very well
fine, okay. Have you finished? Very well, you may go now.
well done!
used in congratulating a person. I hear you won the competition. Well done!
well enough
fairly, but not particularly, well.
well up in
knowing a great deal about. He's very well up in financial matters.
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Betaville, Ben Harrington's M&A focused blog, "has a wide range of high-level sources but from time to time some intelligence alerts may contain an 'UNCOOKED', 'RARE' and 'WELL-DONE' disclaimers." Sierra Wireless shares are up about 2% in early trading after the company was the subject of one of Harrington's "RARE ALERTS," which he defines as "Market gossip that has been tested with some of Betaville's USUALLY WELL-INFORMED sources.
I am convinced that next year, on May 8, we will again be able to report on a work well-done. And the trust of both the state institutions and all people in need in Bulgaria," he said.
So, I prefer medium-well to well-done. I have lost count of the number of times I have ordered a steak well-done only for it to arrive as medium.
Faustino, commander of the 10th ID, commended the troops for the job well-done in dismantling the encampment.
As 2018 winds down, we want to take a moment to recognize BNCW's 2018 Chairman of the Board, Lee Pfluger--Pfluger Craft, LLC -for a job well-done! As Chairman, Lee was instrumental in continuing to advance our Association forward this year!
He equally commended the coaching crew, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the Supporters Club, especially Nigerians residing in South Africa who turned out in great numbers to cheer the players, for a job well-done, and assures them of the unflinching support of the Federal Government going forward.
Eating a lot of red or processed meats, especially well-done meats, may increase your risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and insulin resistance, recent research suggests.
Replicating the Jucy Lucy seemed easy enough -- but our burgers, cooked to well-done to melt the cheese inside, were dry and tough or the cheese melted through the meat, leaving an empty cavern where the cheese had been.
A Recent research does suggest that a higher frequency of open-flame and/or high-temperature cooking (such as roasting) is associated with a greater risk for high blood pressure, particularly if these foods are cooked to well-done. In study participants who ate two or more servings of red meat, chicken, or fish a week, the risk of developing high blood pressure was 17 percent higher in those who grilled, broiled, or roasted the meat or fish to well done more than 15 times per month, compared with fewer than four times per month.
Grill the kebabs over medium heat, turning frequently, until the beef is of desired doneness: one to two minutes for medium rare, two to three minutes for medium, and three to four minutes for well-done (Note: Well-done is not advisable as this dries out the beef).
Lord Paddy Ashdown, former High Representative and a member of the House of Lords in the British Parliament, congratulated the Foreign Affairs Committee of this House for a job well-done, which was rounded up with a report with recommendations on how Britain should behave in the Balkans after the country leaves the European Union, 'Dnevni Avaz' reports today.
Canoeing and Camping explore the great outdoors with accessible text and well-done photographs.