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Businesses worldwide are being conducted through the medium of cyber, this underscores the need for all of us to come together in fighting the scourge of internet fraud and cybercrime with a view to making the cyberspace well-fortified so that foreign investors can come in and invest to further boost our economy', he said.
'Our troops were able to out-maneuver the armed group even if they were in a well-fortified position,' Orengo said.
It was, according to judge Paul Glenn, an "apparently well-fortified address" - so well fortified that it took police longer than usual to force entry.
Following a legal ruling before trial, jurors were not given details about Kavanagh's home which had "reinforced bulletproof glass" and was, according to Judge Paul Glenn, an "apparently well-fortified address".
They would commute to Damascus once a month for a period of only one or two days and stay at the well-fortified Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of the city.
According to a military source in Sweida city, the Syrian paratroopers landed behind enemy lines in Toloul al-Safa region, Monday, in order to help eliminate the ISIL's well-fortified trenches that have proven difficult to infiltrate, the AMN reported.
The operation began with glider pilots landing ahead of paratroopers behind the well-fortified enemy lines to deliver troops and equipment.
The Houthis hold well-fortified positions in the Red Sea city to protect the key supply line to the core northern territory they control, including the capital, Sanaa.
Today, it reopens its doors as the Eid (feast)'s gift to its visitors, renewing its glory and stories of heroism in defending its well-fortified walls against invaders and terrorism.
Second, that area's defence lines areA well-fortified. DespiteA all the forcesA involved in the operation and the Syrian opposition's contributionA of almostA 25,000 fightersA to the TAF,A the result of the military campaign remains vague.
The opposing armies dug deep and well-fortified trench systems that neither side could penetrate, although the generals never wearied of trying.