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Adj.1.well-mined - well known and commonly used; "Shakespeare exploited many well-mined sources for his plays"
mined - extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth
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And he said "high-quality, well-mined indigenous coal has a vital role to play" in the move towards a low-carbon economy.
The story of Jews, baseball, and American assimilation is, of course, a well-mined one, rich with legendary names both on and off the diamond.
Geographical is fortunate to be headquartered in a city that is awash in data, an informational resource well-mined by a new book that presents daily life in the Big Smoke in ways you may never have considered (page 42).
"Though Simpson, a divorced mother herself and the child of divorce, is covering well-mined ground here, what makes the novel extraordinary is her brisk, beautifully modulated writing as well as her ability to create real kids in all their uniqueness and aching vulnerability....
He bookends this study with two moments of violence that are well-mined by historians.
"The well-mined genres and sub-genres are well-mined for a reason," says one exec.