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1. Comprehensively developed and well-balanced in a range or variety of aspects: a well-rounded scholar; a well-rounded curriculum.
2. Having a fully developed or shapely figure.


adj (well rounded when postpositive)
1. rounded in shape or well developed: a well-rounded figure.
2. full, varied, and satisfying: a well-rounded life.
3. well planned and balanced: a well-rounded programme.


1. having desirably varied abilities or attainments.
2. desirably varied: a well-rounded curriculum.
3. fully developed; well-balanced.
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Adj.1.well-rounded - many-sidedwell-rounded - many-sided; "an all-around athlete"; "a well-rounded curriculum"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"


[ˌwelˈraʊndɪd] ADJ [person] → polifacético; [education] → equilibrado
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Piper Jaffray analyst William Quirk said Avantor issued a "well-rounded" first report since coming public, with revenue and adjusted EBITDA that topped Street estimates and revenue and profitability guidance "largely in line" with consensus.
I hope employers start considering well-rounded candidates instead of just those who can score well, as marks are not the only indication of one's intelligence.
"Viernes is a well-rounded and multi skilled student-athlete who has also been a player of the DPS girls volleybal team.
The more well-rounded mixed martial artist capable of mixing up strikes and takedowns would end up winning this bout.
The convener said, 'We have a strong conviction in Abiodun's entrepreneurial successes and strong commitment to good governance, fairness and prosperity for all, made him a very well-rounded candidate for the office of governor.
OKLAHOMA CITY State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister announced the 18 winners of a new Oklahoma State Department of Education "Champions of Excellence" grant focused on ensuring students have access to a well-rounded education in a safe and healthy school environment.<br />"Through this grant program, we are working to prioritize activities that promote well-rounded education opportunities," said Hofmeister.
Leaders at Sale pride themselves in nurturing students to become well-rounded individuals.
With previous experience as a property broker and several years spent developing a property underwriting expertise at Axis Insurance, Lally brings a well-rounded understanding of the industry as he makes his return to a brokering role.
Summary: The actor said his 'Padmaavat' co-star and rumoured girlfriend helped him become a 'well-rounded human being'
But my children have turned out to be well-rounded adults.
A true warrior from the mountains of the Philippines and one of the top prospects to come out of the country, Kingad is a tremendous striker who possesses well-rounded grappling skills.