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Adj.1.well-shaven - closely shaved recently
shaved, shaven - having the beard or hair cut off close to the skin
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The bottom line is that Biver wants to take TAG Heuer in a new direction, and that direction doesn't suit the clinical, well-shaven brand image of McLaren.
Ger Van Elk's short film, "The Well-Shaven Cactus" (1970), is an endearing example of human intervention to circumvent one of nature's best defense mechanisms, while Leon Gimpel's "Interior view of Bossons Cave" ("Vue Interieur de la grotte des Bossons," 1911) shows more sublime, yet equally unusual discoveries: the icy mouth of a cave opening onto a flat spread of green mountain.
So they're obviously well-shaven! They use Oil of Olay, so they've got beautiful skin and they must smell great because they steal every perfume and aftershave imaginable.