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Born to a genteel or aristocratic family.



1. born of a good, noble, or highly esteemed family.
2. the wellborn, wellborn persons collectively.
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Adj.1.wellborn - of good or upper-class lineage; "a rich and wellborn husband"
upper-class - occupying the highest socioeconomic position in a society


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Judges on the panel are experts working in the field of energy management from companies including Capital One, City of Alexandria, VA, COX Enterprises, IBM, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Wellborn Cabinet, Union Bank, US Dept.
Wellborn Forest Products, located in Alexander City, Alabama, is a manufacturer of semi-custom residential cabinetry for the Kitchen & Bath Dealer and Distributor market in the Eastern US, focusing on solid construction features in designer styles and finishes at competitive prices.
750, Dallas, TX 75204 or to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, 2222 Wellborn St, Dallas, TX 75219.
Understanding that today's banking customers are more connected than ever and access their accounts across multiple devices, we focused on designing a user-friendly, personalized experience with a familiar look across all digital touch points," says Gayle Wellborn, brand and digital executive.
The new online banking platform was an important undertaking in our ongoing commitment to provide customers with an outstanding banking experience,' said Gayle Wellborn, Brand and Digital executive at Ally.
Wellborn says the company will use a third-party organization to help part-time workers find insurance alternatives: "We are trying to balance the needs of [workers] as well as the costs of [workers] as well as the cost to Wal-Mart.
6 million McKesson Employees Federal Credit Union in an Francisco, will be recognized with the Tomorrow's Star Award, and Shon Wellborn, president/ CEO of the $66.
Chuck Wellborn, a former University of New Mexico student and longtime parishioner of the Newman Center, circulated an email to parishioners that echoes Davis' suspicions: "The Archbishop has made critical statements about our parish to others in the Archdiocese.
As per Mr John Wellborn MD and CEO of Equatorial Resources, "The study demonstrates that our project has a number of advantages.
Klosters is here to cater for the rich, the famous, and the wellborn.
Knight, and his family Paula Ciuffredo and Alexis Healy of Millbury, MA; a daughter, Claudia Barthelmes and her husband George Barthelmes of Wellborn, Florida; a brother, Kenneth Daubney of Bixby, Oklahoma.
Though Wellborn may have come up short, two other Black Country fighters did collect titles and they did it in style.