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also wel·ly  (wĕl′ē)
n. pl. wel·lies
A Wellington boot.
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Lest we forget A laugh and a joke Over a "pint or two" Or Rum and Coke Outside The Knobhill Or Jessies is worse No sign of a dray Just a black hearse Best times I recall In The Lothian or Mount All laughing, singing And just messing about Unlike Mill Street The Eastern or Sams The Deadhouse, The Wellie And drinking wee drams Now I sit in the bar Cringing with fear You can all understand That "tear" in my beer By Billy, L8
We started with the Sand Sea and Sun event followed by the Wet Wellie Disco with Colin Barber.
The shoulder strap leaves your arms free for dancing (and prosecco holding!) and the design pairs rather finely with Maude & Fox's dashing tweed top wellie warmers (PS55).
The shoulder strap leaves your arms free for dancing (and prosecco holding!) and design pairs rather finely Maude & Fox's dashing tweed top wellie warmers (PS55).
Two little dogs, one missing a wellie, run into woodland and at one location a farmer's wife balances a milk churn on her head.
A line-up of tractors proved popular, especially with younger visitors, and the outdoor programme also included wellie throwing, needle in the haystack and a coconut shy.
Crazy-shaped balloons included Simbaloo - in honour of one of Longleat's lions - an owl, a wolf, penguinsand even a huge Hunter wellie.
Barera, alias "Koyas;" Andeg Carias, alias "Kabukaw;" and Eliw Guardian, alias "Wellie."
The minister indicated in addition that the ministry would be moving ahead with the design and construction of three interchanges along the Western Bypass at the intersections with Lobatse Road (Game City circle), Kudumatse Drive (Rainbow circle) and Wellie Seboni Road (BTV circle), a project that he said was at evaluation stage.
Primary pupils from Stane, Dykehead, Newmains, St Patrick's and St Bernadette's Primaries competed in individual and relay races, wellie throwing and haggis passing, rounded off with a tug-of-war.
?AS much as I loved crunching about in the snow with my wellie boots on at the weekend, I can't wait for the big thaw.