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1. A strip, as of leather or other material, stitched into a shoe between the sole and the upper.
2. A tape or covered cord sewn into a seam as reinforcement or trimming.
a. A ridge or bump on the skin caused by a lash or blow or sometimes by an allergic reaction.
b. A lash or blow producing such a mark.
tr.v. welt·ed, welt·ing, welts
1. To reinforce or trim with a welt.
2. To beat severely; flog.
3. To raise welts or a welt on.

[Middle English welte.]
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adj shoerandgenäht
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I welted the little devil with the slack end of the rope for it, but it was done, and I could not undo it again."
Well, gentlemen, I was standing with her just inside the window, in all innocence, as God is my judge, when he rushed like a madman into the room, called her the vilest name that a man could use to a woman, and welted her across the face with the stick he had in his hand.
Create this welted effect by tacking filler cord to the edge of a pillow form, placing it inside the pillow cover, and then lacing leather strips around the underlying cord.