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Noun1.Wen-Ti - Chinese god of literatureWen-Ti - Chinese god of literature    
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Wendi shares that she and her husband were far from home when it happened.
An award-winning storyteller for brands like Honda and Acura, Wendi created "from Muck to Magic" to change the stories we tell ourselves.
During our chat, Wendi spoke very fondly about 13 year-old Lily Bartlett, who she was going to be singing with during the concert.
Blackburn-born Wendi adds: "I loved all of the comedy too, like when Cilla went shoplifting on Blanche's mobility scooter and I ended up in the canal.
Wendi, 49, enjoyed a glass of wine with Bertold Zahoran, 22, as she watched a gig by Jimmy Buffett alongside Sir Paul, 75.
Investigators say in the weeks leading up to the killing and immediately thereafter, there were hundreds of calls between Charles Adelson, Wendi Adelson's brother, and Magbanua and between Magbanua and Garcia, often moments apart.
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Wendi Peters has one of the standout scenes when, in a recruiting drive, she sings a promise to "make a man of any one of you", and later there's an opportunity for a bit of audience participation in Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers.
But now Wendi can get the chance to visit the city, as she's performing on stage just down the road at Birmingham Rep in Oh What A Lovely War.
It will look at every aspect of Blair's life, from his time in office to his relationship with Wendi.
Now actress Wendi Peters is reprising the role, albeit only for six weeks.