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 (wûrnt, wûr′ənt)
Contraction of were not.


contraction of
were not


(wɜrnt, ˈwɜr ənt)
contraction of were not.
References in classic literature ?
I don't know what possessed me, Joe," I replied, letting his shirt sleeve go, and sitting down in the ashes at his feet, hanging my head; "but I wish you hadn't taught me to call Knaves at cards, Jacks; and I wish my boots weren't so thick nor my hands so coarse.
It weren't quite a chapel, but it seemed more solemn like; and then, says you, Ben Gunn was short-handed--no chapling, nor so much as a Bible and a flag, you says.
So you sent word to the princess that we weren't going
What did you send word to the princess that we weren't going for?
But they weren't ever like the schoolmaster's bride.
Seemed 'sif there weren't anyone in the world but meself and it was mighty big.
I saw you from my window, Aunt Polly, and I got to thinking how you WEREN'T a Ladies' Aider, and you were my really truly aunt; and you looked so good I just had to come down and hug you
If it weren't for the children, I wouldn't mind anything.
If you weren't I think I should just sit down on my suitcase, here and now, and weep bitter tears.
In fact, if he weren't so hard at work I don't believe he'd have let me come even now.
YOU would cry, too, if you were an orphan and had come to a place you thought was going to be home and found that they didn't want you because you weren't a boy.
They were given to you by a lady who stayed here not so long ago, now, weren't they?