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 (wûr′gĕld′) also wer·gild or were·gild (-gĭld′)
In Anglo-Saxon and Germanic law, a price set upon a person's life on the basis of rank and paid as compensation by the family of a slayer to the kindred or lord of a slain person to free the culprit of further punishment or obligation and to prevent a blood feud.

[Middle English wargeld, from Old English wergeld : wer, man; see wī-ro- in Indo-European roots + geld, payment.]
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10) Neither bridewealth, the money used to arrange marriage, nor wergeld (or "bloodwealth"), the money presented to the family of a murder victim so as to prevent or resolve a blood-feud, is a form of payment or compensation.
31) For instance, Ine 30: "Gif mon cierliscne monnan fliemanfeorme teo, be his agnum were geladige he hine; gif he ne maege, gielde hine his agne were; 7 se gesidmon swa be his were" [If anyone accuses a commoner of harbouring a fugitive he shall clear himself by (an oath) equal in value to his own wergeld.
Much like the 'Dentalium Land' or 'Money's Home' of Native California peoples, whence came the shell monies whose employ in bride-price and wergeld compensation was testimony to their vital worth (Bushnell and Bushnell 1977).
Kinsella, Stephen (2009B), "The Libertarian Approach to Negligence, Tort, and Strict Liability: Wergeld and Partial Wergeld," September 1; http://blog.
En albanes, gjaqet (las sangres), es decir, las ofensas que eran causa legal (canonica) de muerte, son un tema central del Kanun, pero en Espana, por ejemplo, la "composicion" heredera de la wergeld germanica permitia saldar juridicamente la "venganza legal" (Kadare, 2009), sin mencionar la cantidad incontable de practicas tribales analogas.
Thus one is shown how determinations of worth and desert were not arbitrary but based on ideas of respect, dignity, or wergeld (the worth of persons).
Este y sus jovenes tios Childeberto y Clotario, que eran todos primos de Amalasunta, reclamaron a Teodahado un importante wergeld de 50.